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Deskk Case Study
  • Deskk offers online workspaces to Dutch companies so employees can access their work environments from anywhere at any time. They have more than 30 servers running mostly on versions of Windows along with multiple workstations (mostly laptops and desktops) and some Linux hosts.
  • To have a single pane of glass view for all servers to address issues even before the customer would ever need to get in touch and get a deeper understanding of the issues affecting their network. Moreover, they wanted to ensure that monitoring and security go hand-in-hand. Maintaining a strong security infrastructure is a major focus area for the Deskk team and balancing both of them was becoming tricky.
What attracted them to Pulseway?
  • Bas liked the ability to know what exactly is happening with his network at any given time. He is in full control and can easily adapt to new issues and resolve them before his customers need to call.

“We wanted to be a step ahead of issues within our environment to minimize customer downtime and provide a high-quality service where we are already resolving the issue if a client calls. This level of proactiveness could only come if we had full control of everything happening in our environment — we needed a software solution that could do that” Bas Zijlstra
CEO / Deskk

Complete endpoint protection

Monitoring so many servers and endpoints means that there are a lot of potential threats that could affect the environment and protecting it is a priority for Bas. Setting this up on multiple different systems and servers can be a tedious process but Pulseway makes that easy through our multiple antivirus integrations. With the Pulseway integrated antivirus solution, Deskk was able to provide users and their endpoints complete security — all from one centralized location. This enabled them to neutralize threats before they could escalate into something more serious.

Remote in from your desktop and avoid the hassle

Pulseway’s Remote Desktop solution gives you the ability to remote into a client’s system as if you were right in front of it. The customer can allow access and immediately show the engineer the issue without the need for a long complicated explanation. This allows both parties to save time and allows Deskk to showcase the value of their services resolving issues in a timely manner.

Get to the bottom of the problem

When it came to customer issues, the Deskk team wasn’t just able to identify the “what” but the “why” as well. Pulseway’s real-time reporting feature lets the team analyze spikes in certain performance counters giving them valuable insight into how their environment is running and may lead to explanations of the cause of issues. Digging deep into the source of the problem ensures that Bas and his team can resolve the issue much faster if it happens again.

Solve complex problems on-the-go

The Pulseway mobile app allows you to monitor your IT environment on the go and take action on issues without the need of being in front of a laptop. Deskk is able to take swift actions on complex problems and easily get passed any obstacles that may arise in the process.

The Results

Pulseway gives Deskk the ability to have the single pane of glass view of everything that is going on with their IT environment and with the antivirus integrations allows them to offer the high-quality server and endpoint protection they desired. Tackling issues in such an efficient manner, ensure customers will stick with Deskk for a long time to come.

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