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Pulseway Antivirus & Endpoint Protection

Designed to prevent viruses and malware from infecting your systems. It provides protection for your file system, web browsing, email/IM clients and blocks network attacks.

Endpoint Protection.

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Pulseway Antivirus works together with Pulseway RMM to give users and their endpoints complete security from a centralized location. 

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Pulseway Antivirus

It's easy to deploy and manage.

It's extremely powerful.

It's Pulseway Antivirus.

The functionality you need, at the price you want.

Enable complete security for your systems with Pulseway Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

Easy Deployment

Quickly deploy Pulseway Antivirus across your network, and protect systems in a manner of minutes.

Central Configuration

Centrally manage the configuration of Pulseway Antivirus straight from the Web application, allowing you to provision thousands of installations at once.

Unified Threat Management

Receive instant notifications whenever threats are detected, and take immediate action. Users can see an overview of their systems, run system scans, update virus definition, and enable protection straight from their mobile devices.

Email and IM Protection

Protect incoming and outgoing mail from dangerous objects and viruses. While the IM component is designed to protect the information that comes to your machines via IM protocols.

File Protection

Keep your files protected at all times by scanning opened, launched and saved files on your systems. Each file a user deals with is scanned for viruses to ensure total safety.

Web Protection

Making browsing safe by scanning specific list of URLs on all web pages or on specified web pages.

Network Attack Blocker

Block network attacks such as port scanning, denial-of-service attacks, buffer-overrun attacks and other remote malicious actions taken against the programs and services working with the network.

System Watcher

Collect important data about the actions of your applications on your machines and send feedback to other components to continuously improve the safety of your systems. Additionally you can roll back actions performed by malicious applications.

Policy Screen

Fast & Easy policy setup and deployment

Specify a policy name, a description and decide whether you want the policy to be available for all accounts or not. Configure the rest of the settings and decide which notifications you want to receive from the Notifications tab.

Image Events

Eliminate Threats at ease

When the Pulseway Antivirus detects a threat, it will be displayed under the Events page you can manage from anywhere.

AV Screen

Real-Time status of your endpoint security

Check the status of the Antivirus addon installed on the agents, start scans, run updates and manage the real-time protection from all Pulseway clients.

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