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Pulseway 6.0 (Scale)

Welcome to Pulseway 6.0, where we created a seamless environment that is going to make your experience a lot more streamlined.


We’ve made a lot of exciting changes

We’ve changed the way you organize, deploy agents and collaborate with your team.

  • The structure is now broken down into Organizations, Sites and Groups. Allowing you to organize your IT environment a lot more efficiently.
  • Whenever you deploy new agents via network discovery, they’ll automatically join the organization where the probe exists, with set configurations already in place.
  • User accounts will now belong to Teams, with set access rights to organizations.
  • All users can collaborate on automation, patch management, reporting and billing, streamlining your operations and improving productivity.
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You’re in good company

Thousands of MSPs and IT departments use Pulseway every day to reduce down time.


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