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“When we are patching windows server, we normally get 100+ notifications. We can easily go through all the notifications on the mobile app, checking up on services and more without logging onto a single server”

Martin Stevnhoved

System Specialist IT & Cloud, Abakion

Company Mission

Abakion want to truly understand their customers and from that organise and optimise their business to free up energy for development and growth. Abakion sees the future in cloud technology with all their internal production and development systems are located in Microsoft Cloud services, including Office 365 and Azure IAAS.

Abakion - Company Mission


As their customers began to look for hosted solutions Microsoft Azure was still a relatively new product. Nevertheless through their partnership with Microsoft they began to host within Azure. They soon realized that they needed to be able to monitor these servers to offer the service their customers wanted. The option of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager was too complex and time consuming.

Abakion - Challenge

Choosing the right software

Abakion had been searching a lot for a tool that would help them to monitor the numerous servers that they work with and had tried a few and weren’t completely convinced. “We tried it out and were extremely impressed with the mobile application. It gives us total control from our mobile devices.” (Martin Stevnhoved, System Specialist IT & Cloud)

“Pulseway’s Remote Desktop feature has really allowed our Front Desk team to provide quick and efficient support to any of our customers using a remote server.”

Abakion - Choosing the right software

Monitor hundreds of servers with ease

Abakion’s main use of Pulseway is to keep all of their and their client’s servers monitored to ensure they are working effectively. “We monitor more than 220 servers; some of them are internal production and development systems, while the majority are servers dedicated to our customers. We group the servers by the customer relationships and monitor various server applications, such as SQL, IIS, AD, plus Azure Backup and Dynamics NAV via proprietary add-ins. We get up-to-date notifications on our mobile phones and on the desktop app.” Using the mobile app they can easily make sure that all these servers are running efficiently and can execute important commands with just a few taps.

Abakion - Monitor hundreds of servers with ease

The Result

With the ability to constantly monitor all of their servers all of the time Abakion can provide a better service to their customers and allow their cloud based services to shine. Outside of the office hours they are able to solve the majority of the problems through the Pulseway mobile app. The remote capabilities have allowed them to keep their servers up at all times and they can provide great customer support through the Remote Desktop feature.

Abakion - The Result

Abakion is a Danish IT consultancy firm, started in 2000, that works with the development and implementation of IT business solutions to medium-sized businesses. They specialize in dealing with the business systems Dynamic NAV and Dynamics CRM.


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