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How PC AGE transformed its business with Pulseway

They have been able to become more effective and efficient by working proactively to maintain uptime, while responding faster to any issues that require their attention.


Most of the things that we need to do are taken care of automatically by Pulseway. We rarely have to engage with Pulseway.

Humberto Hilario
Information Security Manager, PC AGE

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With centers in 4 locations across New Jersey, PC AGE Career Institute is an accredited provider of IT career education. With approximately 300 students enrolled at any time PC AGE offers a blend of online and classroom education.

Humberto Hilario is the Information Security Manager who has responsibility for both the administrative and training systems in the institute. He had previously spent several years looking for a solution to manage the administrative systems, but it had proven difficult to find one suitable for the scale of the network.

With approximately 60 assets to manage, Humberto found that many RMM providers were aimed at larger networks with over 500 assets. He eventually found a solution suitable for their size, but it proved not to be the right fit. At one point, this solution became unusable after a Windows update crashed the application and he had to manually visit the 4 sites – a 150-mile round trip – something the purchased solution was supposed to prevent.

PC AGE were an existing Webroot customer and Humberto saw on their portal that it had an integration with Pulseway. He discovered that Pulseway had “everything that I needed in a small package” and started a 30-day trial and immediately converted to a full contract in February 2019. Two of the specific features he was looking for was the ability to provide Remote Assistance to users and the ability to manage Windows patches.

Humberto found it a very simple process to set up Pulseway, especially when compared with other RMM tools he had used.


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"Most of the things that we need to do are taken care of automatically by Pulseway. We rarely...

Humberto Hilario
Information Security Manager, PC AGE


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