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Don’t let your users down

Discover how Pulseway’s remote IT monitoring and management solution can deliver higher IT efficiency for your University.

Thousands of people rely on your servers and workstations for their day-to-day studies, projects and management. They want things to run when they log-on. With Pulseway you can resolve issues before users even notice them. 

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To survive in this game, IT has to be highly efficient.

The key to efficiency is to stop doing the things you don’t need to do. Pulseway RMM takes care of essential IT admin functions, and completes many of tasks in an automated fashion.

Effortless Setup &

Pulseway has an easy to use, automated network discovery engine than can be set to run regularly so you won’t be caught off guard being asked to fix a device that isn’t in your inventory. Once you know all your devices, you can use that same discovery engine and interface to push out the Pulseway agent, and have it equipped with all the policies that apply to that end point.


Create and deploy custom scripts to automate all your IT tasks, saving time and increasing your overall efficiency. Automate anything from backup jobs to security checks on schedule or on demand, at anytime, from a device closest to you.

Active Directory

Quickly resolve the most common problems that users experience in a domain environment, such as password reset and account unlock. Having the capability to unlock users, reset passwords, enable/disable accounts, and add/remove group membership via a mobile device app is a significant time and effort saver.

Because problems are spotted early, they are ameliorated before they cause real damage

And you have complete control to diagnose and fix any of an array of problems. Because this is done through an RMM, the admin never has to waste time going from one machine to another for repair or software updates. And because it is mobile, the admin can do his work from wherever he or she happens to be.

iPhone6 - Roles & Tags

"Now we manage most of our everyday tasks from our smartphones. The best part is that Pulseway alerts us to any issues before users even notice any slow-downs. I can have a quick look at server performance first thing in the morning. Just being able to see if there are any issues before the work day begins - and to be able to address them on the fly - has been a huge bonus for us.“

Eugene Chan

Deputy Director Digital Services University of Auckland Business School
University of Auckland logo

Case Study:

University of Auckland

Business School

University of Auckland Business School is likewise impressed. Much of the school’s infrastructure is managed by Eugene Chan, Deputy Director Digital Services. Chan’s team has to manage over 150 physical and virtual servers, along with hundreds of virtual desktops—all this to meet the needs of 600 staffers and some 12,000 students.

Discover and Deployment

Time and money for

The less you spend on core IT functions, the more time you can find on discovering innovative technologies that will give your school a competitive advantage and a bright future. Some of this could be a greater move to virtual servers, private clouds, virtual desktops, and cloud services. Making IT efficient should give you more leeway with your budget.

Highland Community College logo

Case Study:

Highland Community College

”From my smartphone the Pulseway solution enables me to log out active users, check and run Windows updates and restart all machines. Overall there has been a significant improvement in the general monitoring.”

Joshua Berry

Network Administrator Highland Community College

Highland is the oldest College in the state of Kansas. But that doesn’t mean its technology is old. Quite the contrary. Highland now uses Pulseway to manage systems for 3,200 students through smartphones and tablets. Key things the school looks for are CPU and memory use metrics, logged in/active users, and for general monitoring and visibility.

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