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Schneider Associates

Schneider & Associates Case Study
  • Schneider & Associates is a family owned and operated insurance agency established in 2003 in Florida. Currently operating out of two offices they offer a wide variety of insurance packages that are tailored to meet their clients’ individual needs and budgetary constraints.
  • They needed a solution that would allow their only IT administrator to easily automate day to day IT maintenance tasks so he could focus on more important projects. They also needed a solution that would allow their administrator to work remotely as he has multiple sclerosis which forces him to work from home for extended periods.
What attracted them to Pulseway?
  • The remote desktop allowing them to give fast and efficient support to any of their users and the ability to use the mobile app to automate and fix IT issues when the IT Administrator is outside of the office.

“When I found Pulseway I was amazed that you get all these features, all this functionality, all these tools and all this support for a very minimal cost and something that is feasible for an IT department” Mike Dixon
IT Administrator / Schneider & Associates

The ability to solve IT issues without needing to be in the office

At times when Mike is unable to make it to the office, he has people who help him out with in-office maintenance however it caused an issue with his IT network one day. “While they were working in the office they somehow managed to change the password on our one server and locked me out. I was pretty upset but we tried to fix the issue using a USB key however that solution didn’t work and they didn’t know what the new password was. I started to play around with Pulseway on my mobile and went into Active Directory Management and was able to reset it from there solving the issue quickly as I had a lot of projects to do on the server”

Non-intrusive remote support

When Mike needs to provide remote support for one of his users he is able to do it quickly and efficiently as his users can’t afford a long down-time with their machines “I’ve noticed that if I can get in there and repair a problem and get them back up and running as quickly as possible it works great. They are pretty flexible as they know their system isn’t going to be down for hours. A lot of the time I don’t’ even need to remote in so it is a big concern for my users that the issue is resolved in an efficient manner. They are always sending appreciative text messages when they can get back to working with their clients as quickly as possible.”

The Results

After having used the software for over 2 years, Mike is very happy working with Pulseway to ensure that the company’s critical machines are always operational. “It has made my job a lot easier being the only IT person and with the physical limitations that I have and the owner of the company is really happy with it and the problems that it is solving. Considering I had done so much research on remote monitoring and management software I was initially skeptical but willing to give it a try. The more I began to use it and the more I talked to the support team all of my doubts just kind of went away as I was able to see all the problems I could solve with it. I tell some of my friends about it and let them know they should definitely check Pulseway out.”

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