Why sysadmins should embrace Remote Working

 Friday 31 May, 2019
RMM vs. remote desktop control cover image

Good employees work better from home. Two-thirds of remote workers have increased productivity as compared to in-office employees.

Nevertheless, many sysadmins have lingering doubts about whether remote working works, which is precisely the reason IT teams have conventionally been slow to adopt remote working. In reality, few sysadmins who embraced the warmth of their house over the diabolical constructs of their cubicles indicated better job satisfaction.

Here’s why sysadmins should embrace remote working:

Weed out the frenzy

Sysadmins remote working distractions

No distractions: the main factor that makes remote workers more productive than in-office sysadmins. Staying away from needless office gossip, long hours of commuting, loud colleagues, ad-hoc meetings, and a bunch of other mindless interruptions will certainly increase the volume of work done by sysadmins.

Remote working removes the frenzy from the equation, taking away one of the biggest productivity killers — fatigue. It increases sysadmin's alertness, ensuring problems are diagnosed and fixed in a timely manner.

Invest back in the team

Sysadmins remote working invest teams

American Express, the multinational financial services corporation, saved approximately $15 million worth of overheads by encouraging a remote working culture. Certainly, the cost of maintaining an office space goes out of the window when work is done remotely.

The money saved can be put into hiring more Sysadmins, upgrading to better technology, training, and so on. Investing in sysadmins leads to empowerment, which fuels them to deliver above and beyond.

Work across geographies

Sysadmins remote working diversity

Sysadmins gain an edge working with people from around the world - offering functional expertise. Expect more out-of-the-box solutions to existing problems, something very unlikely for sysadmins working in a homogeneous environment.

Diversity - the confluence of people with different cultures, work experiences, and perspectives will result in expansion of sysadmin’s knowledge. The opportunity to learn new ideas and apply them in daily work leads to higher job satisfaction among sysadmins.

Be healthy. Be happy

Sysadmins remote working mental peace

“The groundwork of all happiness is health” 
— Leigh Hunt

Crowded offices are the perfect breeding ground for stress. It is not surprising that 60% of the United States workforce consider their job as a primary contributor to stress.

Stress can be triggered from sloppy work-life balance to breathing in the pungent smell from the cologne your colleague wears. Anything and everything can cause irritation and frustration, putting one’s mental health at risk.

Remote working lets sysadmins create their own work environment: soothing music, scents that improve productivity, and better ergonomics. The bottom line is sysadmins are in control of their workplace, leading to better mental health and greater job satisfaction.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools help sysadmins reach their potential and allow sysadmins to work from anywhere, anytime. Most of all, sysadmins are able to improve response rate and increase productivity, all at the same time.

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