Countdown of the top 10 tech jobs in 2019

 Monday 8 April, 2019
Top ten tech jobs 2019

Imagine a life without technology…

Don't waste time on such rhetorical questions. The truth is - you can't do without technology, more importantly, you don't want to.

Our fascination with technology is ever growing and so are the tech jobs that keep the allure alive. The rising wave of new technology will provide space for niche, high paying tech jobs in 2019. Clearly, a window of opportunity for job seekers and folks looking for a career change.

However, a job search can be nerve-wracking, especially in the age of the internet when there are so many variables involved. To make the experience a little less daunting, focus on few but good ones. To help you with that, here's a countdown of the top ten tech jobs in 2019:

1. Software Developer

Software developers are the architects behind pretty much all the technology we use on a daily basis. Although writing new codes for unborn software is their primary task, it's definitely not limited to that. Additional tasks may include improving codes for existing software, removing bugs and project management.

Why is it 🔥: Turn on your computer, scroll through emails, set up a meeting on your calendar — software developers are the reason you can do all of that, and more.

Median 💵 : $100000

2. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are the crafty designers of your data communication networks that includes LAN, WANs, expansive cloud infrastructure, and intranets. Apart from designing networks, they are tasked with effectively upgrading and expanding the networks.

Why is it 🔥: The rising demand for cloud computing and the need to expand IT networks for growing businesses, will drive demand for professionals with these skills.

Median 💵 : $100000

3. Data Scientist

Folks who have a knack for numbers should seriously consider a career as a data scientist. Dive into a world where gathering, processing, and analyzing data is seen as `cool'. Add communication skills to the mix to share your findings and you can see your career grow by leaps and bounds.

Why is it 🔥: The demand for data scientists has increased by 344% from 2013. Businesses are in desperate need of professionals who can organize a growing amount of data and make sense of it all.

Median 💵 : $95000

4. Cybersecurity Engineer

Data needs to be protected, period. Not just because it's valuable for business operations, but also to keep the privacy promises you give your clients. Cybersecurity engineers are the gatekeepers who keep tabs on your computer network. Their job is to put systems in place that deal with threats from hackers and natural disasters.

Why is it 🔥: Security is a major concern for businesses and the rise of ransomware stokes that fear. Businesses are in urgent need of people who can establish a strong line of defense to safeguard data and intellectual property.

Median 💵 : $90000

5. IT Technician

The Bureau of Labor projects a 6% increase in jobs for professionals that can set up and administer IT systems. However, employers are finding it difficult to fill in IT technician positions. This affects the entire business workflow since many of them have to live through long hours of unplanned downtime.

Get the perfect candidate for your business with the right IT technician job description, here.

Why is it 🔥: Companies depend on their IT networks so much that there is very little wiggle room for malfunctions and unplanned downtime. It's this dependency that has resulted in the rising demand of IT technicians.

Median 💵 : $81000

6. Cloud Engineer

Today, there's hardly any business which doesn't have some amount of data stored on the cloud. This is why you need cloud engineers to design, plan and manage the entire cloud ecosystem. A good grasp of programming languages is a must, this includes Java, Python and Ruby, to name a few.

Why is it 🔥: The adoption of cloud computing has been massive to the point that it has overpowered traditional storage centers. Since this trend also seems to grow in 2019 and beyond, the need for cloud engineers will increase swiftly.

Median 💵 : $86842

7. IoT Specialist

IoT (internet of things) involves transferring data over a network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. An IoT specialist is tasked with managing various disciplines: sensors, connectivity, integrations, and development. Moreover, they'll be responsible for compliance and scaling of the IoT technology.

Why is it 🔥: IoT adoption has been growing steadily. In fact, the global worth of IoT tech is projected to be $6.2 trillion by 2025. This ensures a growing demand and a healthy career growth for IoT professionals.

Median 💵 : $81570

8. AI Engineer

A regular day of an AI engineer revolves around algorithms, neural networks, and working to advance the AI quotient. Simply put, AI engineers address problems to make machines smarter.

Why is it 🔥: Businesses are trying to figure out how they can get the best out of AI to become a little bit more productive and functional. There is a high need of AI engineers who can help businesses streamline workflow and churn out useful insights without zapping resources.

Median 💵 : $100000

9. Full Stack Developer

Feel like an all-rounder when it comes to coding and web development, then full stack development is for you. Full stack developers are comfortable working on the back-end and front-end technologies. This requires a mastery of various skills in databases, servers, systems engineering, and more.

Why is it 🔥: Businesses would prefer one full stack developer than three engineers to do the same job. Basically, employers can get more done with less.

Median 💵 : $110,500

10. Tech Vlogger

Video hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo have allowed tech enthusiasts to create masterful videos. The content can vary from product reviews, how-tos, troubleshooting guides, to pretty much anything. Businesses use tech vloggers' influence to promote and advertise their product in order to reach the relevant audience.

Why is it 🔥: The charm of tech vloggers like Linus Tech Tips is that they are engaging and relatable. This transcends to brands they promote — creating instant rapport with the audience.

Median 💵 : $85,500*

*Based on the average top tech Youtube influencers.

Note: Median annual salary has been sourced from Glassdoor, Payscale and Indeed.

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