Why IT professionals need a solid patch management software

 Friday 16 August, 2019
Why IT professionals need a solid patch management software

Sint Maarten, a beautiful country in the Caribbean, learned a hard lesson when a deadly cyberattack crippled the entire nation for a week. The outdated IT network simply could not survive in the era of the Dark Web.

Have you ever wondered, how secure and up-to-date is your network?

In truth, a data breach caused by an outdated network demonstrates an incompetence of an IT professional, rather than a skill level of a hacker. The default response for all the pop-ups reminding us to update the system is “remind me later,” placing work over security. It’s no wonder, work commitments are often blamed for limiting the ability to pull off mass updates.

This is where patch management comes in.

Patch management obtains, installs, and reports all patches to the system, straight from a single dashboard. It keeps your IT infrastructure up to date while saving precious man-hours — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

IT professionals need patch management more than they think

IT professionals need patch management more than they think

Data breaches can cost thousands if not millions dollars to the business, putting the reputation of the entire company at risk. In recent months, many government agencies, businesses, and educational institutions have had to come to terms with this harsh reality.

Patch management is a powerful deterrent to avoid data breaches and improve your overall IT network performance.

Advance security

Applications are not perfect when they're released in the market. Patch management is like a bandage to heal their shortcomings, ensuring there are no security holes in the infrastructure.

It stops the movement of hackers who try to exploit the application on the same day a vulnerability is found, which is usually known as zero-day attack.

Keeping your network safe from all fronts builds confidence among customers and other stakeholders — a win-win situation.

Boost productivity

Patch management ensures all programs work smoothly — reducing unplanned downtime. The uninterrupted operation increases productivity of the organizations.

Nonetheless, the biggest benefactors of patch management are IT professionals. Manually installing patches can be done away with, allowing IT pros to work on their core tasks.

Moreover, you can execute IT strategies faster than your competitors, making your business a favorable choice among customers and industry experts.


Patch management ensures your organization is adhering to compliance requirements, such as PCI, HIPPA, and GDPR. A fully patched network enables you to have better control over the network security and avoid potential hefty legal penalties.

Many industries are creating their security compliance guidelines. Effective patch management keeps you well within compliance with these standards.

Improve your patch management with Pulseway

Improve your patch management with Pulseway

Pulseway makes patch management easy, scalable, and efficient. Whether it’s a minor, major, single or several patches — do it all and more from the Pulseway dashboard.

Security beyond OS

Pulseway Patch Management Software provides complete endpoint protection for OS and third-party apps. Detect, install, and report patches on actively used apps.

Some of the third-party apps include Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows, iTunes for Windows, Java SE Runtime Environment 8, QuickTime for Windows, Google Chrome, VMware Workstation Pro for Windows, Slack, Skype, and more

Simply put, Pulseway empowers you to achieve a robust security infrastructure without sacrificing your work commitments.

Patching made easy

Assign policies and automate your Windows and third-party patches. You can either patch on-demand or schedule updates on specific dates and intervals.

Pulseway mobile app lets you run updates remotely. Scan, install, update patches without having to be stuck to your desk.

When your system is up to date, chances of data breaches are close to none.

Be compliance-ready

The Patch Reporting feature gives a complete list of unpatched systems, missing updates, and failed patches. Tie up all loose ends of your IT infrastructure to meet all the compliance standards.

Generate reports into CSV formats, export them to spreadsheet platforms (like Excel) to build custom visualizations in various report layouts.

Patch management software Pulseway reporting

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