Pulseway Launches In-App Ticketing Module Accessible Straight from Pulseway RMM Dashboard and Pulseway Mobile App

 Thursday 16 July, 2020
Pulseway Launches In-App Ticketing Module

Pulseway has announced the launch of its ticketing module for technicians and IT teams accessible directly within the Pulseway RMM. Technicians who use Pulseway will be able to access ticketing using any device closest to them, as modules will be available from both Pulseway WebApp and Pulseway mobile apps (iOS and Android). 

With this innovation, Pulseway has made the ticketing process more efficient as technicians can manage tickets within the same tool they will use to help identify and fix the issue – and with full ticketing functionality available from the Pulseway mobile app – they can do this from anywhere.

Pulseway In-App Ticketing Module

This feature is accessed via a ticketing menu item that will now be available in the Pulseway RMM menu. From here they can view, create, update tickets and monitor real-time status of tickets getting resolved – using any device using any device of their choice.

This functionality will be available at no extra cost to Pulseway Team plan users with a Pulseway PSA subscription. Shortly after launch integrations with other leading PSA tools will follow. Previously, ticketing was available only through the PSA dashboard and took much more time to create. The launch of this in-app ticketing module has simplified the process and made it more efficient.

“Pulseway is known for its mobile first approach, so it was important to us that users of our mobile app should have full access to ticketing – not just a subset of the functionality available to users of the desktop app. The ability to manage and resolve tickets from the same device, wherever the user happens to be, really improves the efficiency of the technician – and the level of service to their customers” - said Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway .“This is going to significantly cut down the time spent on ticketing and allow technicians to focus on other key tasks, without the need to switch dashboards and logging in other portals.”

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