Pulseway Adds Antivirus to mobile RMM platform to safeguard customers

 Thursday 12 January, 2017

Pulseway Antivirus delivers complete security to users and their endpoints.

Pulsway Antivirus

Pulseway, the leading provider of mobile-first, cloud-first ,remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, today introduced Pulseway Antivirus, offering users and their endpoints complete security when managing distributed devices across the network.

As companies increasingly deploy systems remotely, IT is tasked with managing the security of these distributed environments, no matter where they are. Not only does IT need to deploy antivirus software, but IT also needs to be able to continuously monitor systems remotely for threats. The consequences of a virus or malware threat on a company’s cyber security can cause serious downtime, costs or damaged public image.

Pulseway, who pioneered a mobile-first approach to systems monitoring, enables both enterprises and MSPs to remotely monitor and manage systems anytime, anyplace, and take corrective action to solve issues before customers are impacted. In today’s cyber climate, ensuring that all company devices are protected from malware and viruses, wherever they are, is critical.

“Today’s proliferation of mobile systems and distributed, remote workforces mean that securing all endpoints is not a ‘nice to have’ capability, but a MUST have necessity,” said Marius Mihalec, CEO and founder of Pulseway. “Pulseway Antivirus enables IT to protect its network, infrastructure, and ultimately users - wherever they may be.”

Pulseway Antivirus provides IT admins with powerful endpoint protection by delivering:

  • Easy Deployment – Quickly deploy Pulseway Antivirus across your network, and protect systems in a manner of minutes.
  • Central Configuration – Centrally manage the configuration of Pulseway Antivirus straight from the Web application, allowing you to provision thousands of installations at once.
  • Unified Threat Management – Receive instant notifications whenever threats are detected, and take immediate action. Users can see an overview of their systems, run system scans, update virus definition, and enable protection straight from their mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Protection - Keep all files secure, make Internet browsing and instant messaging safe, and keep inboxes protected from malware

“Adding remote antivirus capabilities to the Pulseway RMM solution is a natural extension of our core value proposition – to empower IT heroes to effectively monitor and manage IT systems anytime, anyplace, and take corrective action before users ever know there was an issue,” said Mihalec.

Cost-Effective Antivirus Platform to Manage Endpoints

Pulseway Antivirus starts at $1 per month per workstation and $2 per month per server.

To learn more about Pulseway Antivirus, visit www.pulseway.com/managed-antivirus-endpoint-protection.

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