IT technician job description template to find the perfect candidate

 Monday 18 February, 2019
IT technician job description template to find the perfect candidate

IT technicians can make-or-break MSPs. They are tasked with managing the IT infrastructure: installing, supporting, and maintaining servers while responding to unplanned service downtime.

A strong economy is bad news for MSPs looking for ‘good' IT technicians. Candidates have the power to choose, to the extent, they will hop jobs till they find the one they like. In fact, twice the number of people have quit their jobs than those who have been laid off.

As a result, many positions are left vacant for long periods of time. The frustration of filling hard-to-fill positions often pushes businesses to settle for low skilled hires; causing irreparable damage.

The cost of hiring a bad IT technician

The cost of hiring a bad IT technician


An incompetent technician can cost your business $240,000. This figure is based on onboarding costs spent per employee, which in this case you'll never get back.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's what comes after that will really hurt you.

Whether it's a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 IT Technician, a bad hire has a devastating effect on the rest of the team. Good employees will resent having to put up with the incompetence, eventually calling it quits.

The next ones to exit the door are your clients. Bad IT technicians cannot offer good customer service, period. The recurring negative experience is enough reason for clients to walk out, leaving a big question mark on your brand.

Hiring good IT technicians is the only way out. To add talented candidates to your hiring funnel, start with the basics — the job description.

What makes a good IT technician job description?

✔️Clear job titles: Trade fancy job titles for simple ones. Instead of saying “looking for an awesome IT wizard” simply mention “IT technician.”

✔️Gender-neutral language: Refrain from using words perceived as masculine (ninja, dominating) or feminine (supporting, collaborative) where possible.

✔️Break down responsibilities: Concise key responsibilities into clear tasks. For example, nix “you’ll be responsible for managing the IT infrastructure” and instead describe specific responsibilities like “monitor IT activities” “offer technical support” and so forth.

✔️Sell your company brand: Find candidates that fit with the corporate culture by offering a sneak peek into the company culture via employee testimonials, team photos, and more.

✔️Show urgency: Make it look like you're in a hurry to fill up the position, even if you're not. Specify “last date to apply” and reiterate the word “urgently” to nudge candidates to apply.

IT technician job description templates that work

IT technician job description templates that work

Don’t do this!

The job title “IT staff” is vague. In fact, the entire job description copy gives little to no insight into the job role. It’s unlikely this job posting will fetch you any relevant candidates.

Add relevant candidates to your hiring pipeline through relevant job descriptions. Draft a separate copy of the job description whether it’s a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Technician.

Worried about starting from scratch? Pulseway has got you covered. Download our IT Technician Job Description Template, tailor it according to your needs, and get your hiring process up and running in no time.

Level 1 IT Technician

The first point of contact for customers seeking technical assistance. The primary role of a Level 1 Technician is to collect and document important information (e.g., problem description, information on computer hardware and software, and last backup update) for a given ticket.

Download Level 1 Technician job description template, here.

Level 2 IT Technician

Specialists responsible for tackling advanced client issues and assisting Level 1 Technicians. Level 2 Technicians dig deep into complex problems and look for solutions. Apart from that, they determine the extent of Level 1 support already provided, giving context to the problem.

Download Level 2 technician job description template, here.

Level 3 IT Technician

The most difficult problems end up on the lap of Level 3 Technicians because they are experts in their field. Their position is more of a manager, supervising Level 1 and Level 2 Technicians.

Download Level 3 Technician job description template, here.

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