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What IT professionals are saying about Pulseway

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"Pulseway is a fantastic tool for anybody looking to not only monitor, but manage multiple computers. The mobile applications have untethered me from my desk, allowing me to manage mission-critical servers from anywhere with cellular coverage."

Christopher Piekarz, Center Partners (Database Architect )

"This product has allowed me reboot a server, run a task, kick a user, reset a password and many other things I normally couldn't do without coming into the office, all from my Android."

Brian Heersink, CareTech Solutions (System Administrator)

"Remotely control your workstation/server, amazing product, easy to use, feature packed, great developer and ever growing. Give it a go and see for yourself, saved me on many occasions."

Ed Cooper, Primary Technology (Lead Designer and Engineering Consultant)

"Pulseway makes it so much easier to use a smartphone to tackle those small jobs en route, which could otherwise become urgent priorities as the clock ticks on during the day."

Austin Ellis, Global PC Ltd. (Director)

"Now that we have been using Pulseway for a few months, our clients are enjoying improvements in support response, infrastructure control and management. This is because Pulseway is a real anywhere anytime solution."

Pieter Plas, Beerepoot Automatisering (Technical Manager)

"Pulseway is a very robust, secure and cost effective PC/Server monitoring system and is quickly becoming one of our core applications."

Jason Rubsam, Lafayette PC (Owner)

"This is one of the best monitoring applications I have come across in my 13 years of network and server administration. They constantly add new features and their support and assistance has always been top notch."

Barry Louzada, Smartcall (Network and Security Administrator)

"I’ve never had so much fun monitoring software, and I’ve seen a lot of it through the years. None of it has ever sparked any excitement for me, until now."

Kenneth Hess, ADMIN Magazine

"There are not that many products out there for network admins that really help their lives. Pulseway is one of those. On top of this, it is reasonably priced."

James Eastling, Medivators (Senior Network Admin)

"This is absolutely a great product, it's like a remote control for your network. I can't say how many times this has saved me from having to actually remote into the network to resolve an issue."

Jason Giles, WTS Media (MIS Director)

"We have been using Pulseway for a number of years and I have to say it is one of the tools as a Sys Admin, I could not be without. It's a first line of defence against any imaginable issue your servers may face."

Ian Kelly, NICVA (Sys Admin)

"This is a fantastic program for monitoring the state of our servers. It's extremely easy to set up but surprisingly powerful! My job would be a lot harder without Pulseway."

Vince Long, Logistex (MIS Manager)
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"So many times I enjoyed the benefits of Pulseway and its notifications of alerts, so that we quickly been able to act before it became critical errors on a server or application, then I must really say that Pulseway is extremely affordable."

Mikael Palm, KonsultNet (Co-owner)

"I spent years trying to find the right systems monitoring tool. Most were too expensive or too complex to set up. Several years ago I came across Pulseway and all my problems were solved in an affordable hosted solution. System patching is a breeze with Pulseway. Great product!"

Bobby Watt, Robert Half Technology (Systems Administrator)

"Pulseway has evolved so fast and continues to add great and usable features to the list. I was surprised how easily it was to setup and integrate as one of the preferred tools as an IT administrator."

Johnni Jakobsen, 24-7 Entertainment (System Administrator)

"I have found Pulseway to be one of the easiest to install and configure on all platforms, has a clean and functional interface, reliable alerts and it just simply works!"

Johnny Stork, Sophos (Linux/Unix Technical Support Engineer)

"It is an invaluable tool to follow up on alerts from our monitoring system while on the road – no need to connect via VPN and log on to the troubled server. The support for Pulseway is awesome."

Brian Hansen, eBay (System Administrator)

"Pulseway has done for System Administration what smartphones did for email - you get a notification, see an issue and sort it in seconds. Monitoring is no longer a drama - you just monitor and instantly respond to server issues as soon as they arise. It's like having a NOC in your pocket - a game changer for the modern agile business."

Colum Horgan, InverCloud (Founder and CEO)

"It took very little time and we were up and running. Now we manage most of our everyday tasks from our smartphones. The best part is that Pulseway alerts us to any issues before users even notice any slow-downs. User satisfaction has gone up, our workload has gone down and the total price tag has been almost negligible."

Eugene Chan, University of Auckland Business School (Deputy Director Digital Services)

"Makes my job 100 times easier. It has cut down critical downtime with our industrial applications by monitoring specific processes and alerting me to them stopping. Most times I'm fixing the problem before it's becomes known on the shop floor. And when things break during the night I'm alerted and fix them remotely before anybody gets to work."

David Koprovic, KMF, Inc. (President)

"Incredible, mind blowing app. Revolutionised my server management and remote support. View any info about target in amazing detail. Control anything you need. Works flawlessly."

James Tuson, John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School (Systems and Network Administrator)

"Whether it’s receiving notifications of critical updates or being able to reset a user's password from the comfort of my living room couch, Pulseway gives me everything I need and more from my pocket."

Ciaran McHale, Reflex Distribution (Field Applications Engineer)

"We have been using Pulseway for 3 years and I can’t be more pleased with the functionality of the software, the fantastic mobile apps and the continuous improvements added to the product as the ICT industry keeps innovating."

Braam Snyman, MyVBX (General Manager)

"Support teams of tech-savvy mobile professionals will appreciate the real-time data and powerful mobile application included in Pulseway, an innovative choice for modern IT management software."

Lanette Creamer, PCMag
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