Time management tips for your next MSP marketing campaign

 Friday 9 November, 2018

The false assumption of treating speed and efficiency as one in the same has led to the fall of many MSP marketing campaigns.

The variable that often skips the notice of MSP marketers is — time management. Efficiency comes about when speed is assisted with a solid time management system.

Speed + Time Management = Efficiency

Use these four time management tips to drive efficiency for your next marketing campaign.

Let’s dive in.

1. Pathological empathy for the audience

Ann Handley, Author of Everybody Writes, believes empathy is too mainstream — pathological empathy is what marketers need. Dig deep to understand audience perspectives in order to identify emotions that drive their decisions.

At face value, it seems like a decent marketing hack but, it’s actually one of the smartest time management tips.

Instead of starting from scratch, you'll have enough audience inputs to quickly roll out relevant marketing campaigns.

2. Urgent over important

Urgent tasks are the ones that have to be dealt with promptly. Things like phone calls, responding to emails and tasks with tight deadlines.

Important tasks deal with long-term goals. Expanding into an MSSP, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profit margins, can be grouped as important tasks.

When you have limited time, avoid important tasks and spend energy on completing the urgent ones. It's one of the most logical time management tips to get actual work done within a short timeline.

3. Simplicity rules!

Complexity is the killer of efficiency. The more complicated your MSP marketing strategy, the more time teams will take to grasp it. Moreover, the added pressure of quick deliverables will only make things worse.

Clearly, none of the time management tips will work till simplicity is not adopted. Keeping things clear and consistent allows folks to get on the same page faster — less confusion, swift rollout of campaigns.

To ensure your ‘simple’ produces the 'marvelous' focus on:

  • Simplicity in messaging. Limit your pitch to a single page. No need to add fluff if your message is on point. It's a time saver for teams and customer alike. In fact, 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences
  • Simplicity in design. Designers embrace simplicity as it makes their work easier while allowing them to tell an engaging visual story

4. Smart technology, always

Posts on time management tips are incomplete without mentioning technology. After all, marketing technology tools (MarTech) have allowed marketers to manage time better than ever.

MarTech tools enable you to squeeze more juice out of the hours available to you; schedule campaigns in advance and stay organized every step of the way. No wonder, nine out of ten marketers regularly use more than one MarTech tool.

Use these tools to manage time better for your next marketing campaign:

  • Buffer. Queue up your social media posts and automate them effortlessly
  • Google Analytics. See how your campaign is performing in the early stages so you can make changes if the need be
  • Sales Navigator. This LinkedIn offering allows you to capture leads quickly and gives key insights to personalize your outreach

Turn time management tips into habits

“Excellence comes from the practice of developing good habits. It comes from the doing; not the thinking”
- Tudie Rose

Practice is a key driver in turning time management tips into habits. The more you do it, the more it comes naturally to you. But, merely developing habits isn't enough.

You want to make sure that these habits stick. Focus on the process and not the end result: do not overwhelm folks with long-term goals rather; iterate of what needs to be done to achieve the long-term goals.

For instance, don’t visualize completing all urgent tasks instead, pay attention to the work that needs to be done in order to finish urgent tasks.

Ultimately, these sticky habits will play a critical role in the success of all your future marketing campaigns.

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