The challenges of MSP sales and marketing

 Friday 23 November, 2018

The current state of MSP sales and marketing

The MSP growth story has come a long way. In its early period of inception, MSPs were simply an add-on for businesses to clear out routine IT hiccups. Fast forward to today and the industry is forecasted to surpass the $200 billion mark worldwide.

However, it's not the whole story. Yes, collectively the service provider industry has grown, but individually many MSPs are struggling to leverage that growth. A prime reason is the inability to execute their sales and marketing strategies.

Growth hasn’t translated to scalability

A good MSP sales and marketing strategy expand the customer base, allowing growth at scale. Unfortunately, the absence of a solid strategy leads to stagnant growth levels that eventually dip down.

The worse bit — healthy growing MSPs pump a lot of money into their sales and marketing efforts only to be disappointed at the end.

A smart approach to MSP sales and marketing

Expecting results from a weak strategy is pointless. That’s why you need a different approach, a smart approach.

Aim to execute sales and marketing efforts that generate a good ROI without burning a hole in your pocket. Essentially, your MSP sales and marketing strategy should bring in more than what it's taking out.

The secret sauce is to build the right sales process followed by robust lead-generation efforts. It can fetch a good cash flow, allowing MSPs to expand without breaking a sweat.

Work with the right sales process

Leads won't matter, however, if your salespeople are unable to convert them. With the right sales process, teams know exactly what to do once a lead comes in.

Good phone scripts, engaging email templates, and comprehensive follow-up strategies are key factors in closing valuable leads without exhausting too many resources.

Stop treating lead generation as a ‘campaign’

Leads need to be nurtured over a period of time so when the moment comes, your salespeople are able to convert in a jiffy. But, MSPs get desperate and start implementing lead-generation campaigns haphazardly. As a result, many MSPs bleed money in exchange for poor quality leads.

Treat lead generation as a supply chain process: a start-to-finish model that consistently performs and produces qualified leads.

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