Supercharge Pulseway with the Cloud API

 Saturday 1 March, 2014

With our Cloud API you can monitor and control all your cloud app/service instances.

Setting up Pulseway to work with your work computer, server, or virtual machine is quite easy. But what happens when you want to supercharge your Pulseway setup and go to the next level?

That's where the Pulseway API comes in.

With our Cloud API you can monitor and control all your cloud app/service instances. With a few lines of code, you can integrate Pulseway monitoring and remote management directly into your apps or services.

Pulseway Cloud API diagram

What's the advantage of using the Pulseway API? Well, it comes down to a few things.

First of all, you can monitor, manage and control your application instances from wherever you are without having to install software. By just integrating the few lines of code, you can have the same great Pulseway experience you've come to know and love, in your apps or services.

Secondly, the Cloud API can be much more robust and allow you to get the right data you want and need right at your fingertips. Need to get those important sales numbers, but don't have your computer in front of you? Using the API, you can setup your server to give you the right data you need directly on your iOS, Android or Windows device. And not only can you get the information you need from your monitored applications, but the API allows you to send notifications and even define commands to be executed inside the app when triggered.

There are few limits on what the Cloud API can offer you. It's up to your imagination on where you want to take the combination of the API and Pulseway.

Here's a quick video overview on the Pulseway Cloud API:

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