Pulseway Introduces A New Enhanced Version of Two-Factor Authentication

 Tuesday 20 August, 2019

Leading Remote Monitoring and Management Software has updated the verification process for its users for maximum IT security.

Dublin, Ireland, August 20, 2019 -- Pulseway, a leading provider of mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, announced today the release of an enhanced two-factor authentication to protect Managed Service Providers (MSPs), their customers and Internal IT departments, from potential breaches and unauthorized access to their infrastructure.

For MSPs and Internal IT departments, there is nothing more critical than keeping their information protected and secured. 945 data breaches have been recorded in the first half of 2018, which led to the loss of 4,5 billion records, according to Gemalto's Breach Level Index. The increasing number of cyber attacks has been a major concern and has pushed organizations to add an extra step within the verification processes when it comes to access to their IT Infrastructure.

Pulseway’s enhanced two-factor authentication is an added layer of security that will require an additional step for users to access their accounts or perform certain actions. When activated, users will receive push notifications on their trusted mobile devices running the Pulseway app and review and approve sign-in requests along with the originating location, or use a TOTP app (Time-based One-Time Passcode) like Google Authenticator, Authy or 1Password. Pulseway will also generate backup codes which users can keep safe and use in case when they don't have access to the mobile devices and need to access their accounts. Each backup code can only be used once.

'IT monitoring and management tools are getting more complex and more powerful every day, which puts an extra urge for additional security,” said Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway. “That’s why adding the improved and convenient two-factor authentication was a necessity for our customers and users. Regardless of the nature of the second layer, it serves as a vital safeguard to your account.'

Other recent updates include an introduction of User Chat and File Transfer to the Remote Desktop Control tool. Giving users the power to send and receive files from both the source and the destination computer and enabling communication with the person in front of any system managed by the software. Chat can be initiated either by a system administrator (operator) or the user, giving system administrators the power to collaborate with the end user with ease.

'2FA has become even more important as MSPs have become targets of hackers,' said Derek Schaefer, owner of Totally Covered LLC. Furthermore, management systems have become distribution points for ransomware.'

For more information about Pulseway’s enhanced two-factor authentication capabilities please visit:


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