4 MSP marketing ideas to spice up your holiday sales

 Monday 22 October, 2018

Worldwide online shopping sales are approximately $108 billion USD. Sure, retail takes the chunk of it. But if you get your MSP marketing act right, you can actually score some awesome B2B sales.

As we speak, your competitors have decided to put down their marketing capes for the holidays, leaving you with less competition. That just goes to show that holidays can be a boon for your MSP marketing efforts.

Use these four MSP marketing ideas and you’ll definitely be able to spice up your holiday sales:

1. Remarket with social media

Roll out a social media campaign early in the fall so you have a large pool of prospects that can be remarketed during the holidays. Look to optimize your MSP Facebook page since its the source for 80% of the social traffic, baskets, and orders.

Design engaging banner ads that tap into the festive mood of your prospects. After that, remarket them with relevant messages, leading to higher conversions. But for this to happen first, equip yourself with the knowledge of Facebook ads.

Veeram Software uses a combination of powerful copywriting and engaging designs to attract holiday shoppers. Those who show interest are targeted with remarketing campaigns.

Remarket with social media

2. Focus on holiday SEO

“Social may be pretty, but search still pays the bills”

Prospects are going to search for your business before anything else. It makes sense to direct your MSP marketing efforts to make your services more searchable.

Create blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, landing pages, and more. Don't forget to optimize these pieces with seasonal holiday keywords. The pages will rank faster since the search volume of these keywords will be high during that period.

Ideally, seasonal content should offer holiday tips and tricks that feature your product or services. Use graphics and other visual touchpoints to increase content shareability, ensuring your MSP brand gets noticed by relevant groups.

3. Get leads with holiday emails

It's usually assumed that holiday emails are exclusive to retail brands. It might come as a surprise to know that B2B emails have a 47% higher response rate than those sent out by B2Cs.

When you know you have a 47% higher chance of conversion, it's a no-brainer to include holiday emails as part of your MSP marketing tactics.

However, it’s a chance, not a guarantee. To ensure you get the most out of your holiday emails, keep the following in mind:

  • Talk about WIFT. What's in it for them is what your email message should start with. This gives prospects a clear idea of the value your service can bring to their business.
  • Make it exclusive. Your emails should be for a chosen few. These are leads who are genuinely interested and would appreciate your emails during the holiday season
  • The ‘right' time. When is more important than what. To hit the sweet spot, send emails on a Tuesday. It has the highest open rate in the entire week.
  • Skimmable. Long emails are no good, keep 'em short and sweet. Recipients can easily glance through the message, leading to quality engagement.

Marketo, a software company does a brilliant job with this holiday email.

Focus on holiday SEO

4. Ask for Referrals

People won’t always trust your words; hence, referral programs. As part of your MSP marketing efforts, encourage current customers to refer your services to their peers.

But asking for referrals can get tricky, especially during the holidays. Folks are busy and moreover, they need a solid reason to refer your MSP. So, how to get referrals?

Firstly, ask referrals right after you have solved an issue for a customer. Think of it as a reward for providing exceptional service. Secondly, offer incentives (preferably non-cash), giving the extra push to turn customers into brand advocates.

Use the template below to get your holiday referral program up and running.

Email template

MSP marketing is all about preparedness

The secret sauce to a successful MSP holiday marketing is starting early. Last minute marketing messages are seen as intrusive and will be given a cold shoulder treatment. Instead, focus on brand awareness tactics in the early stages so that prospects get familiar with your services by the time holiday season arrives.

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