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Verticals Markets Will Be A Key Step To Success For Msp
04 Apr 2018

Vertical Markets: One key to MSP success

The MSP market is a crowded space. If you do not have a differentiation, you compete on price only – a losing game.

Future of IT Systems Management
05 Aug 2016

Future of IT Systems Management

If our systems stood still, our systems management software could as well. The truth is our systems are changing by the minute. More and more of the work we do is on the cloud. And our internal systems are in a constant state of evolution – virtualization has taken over our servers, and more of our apps are spread across on-premises and the cloud. And as mobile apps.
End points are also undergoing revolution. While predictions of the death of the PC haven’t totally come true, tablets and smartphones are new devices of choice, and each of these presents its own management challenges.

Gain Higher Education IT Efficiency Through Mobile Remote Monitoring and Management(RMM)
26 May 2016

Gain Higher Education IT Efficiency Through Mobile Remote Monitoring and Management(RMM)

You would be hard pressed to find an IT environment tougher to manage than Higher Education. Student turnover is constant, the network by definition is campus-wide with devices spread all over, and you need to support the business office, faculty, administration and often an array of complex research facilities.
Did we mention budgets are tight and competition for students intense? In the case of competition, online schools have grown immensely in recent years, and private Colleges and Universities face stiffer competition from Public Schools who have been advancing their offerings and quality.

You Restarted the Server From Where?
24 May 2016

You Restarted the Server From Where?

MSPs and IT admins spend way too much time on call. No wonder so many complain about not having a life, what with working overtime chained to a console at a data or operations center, or just the cluttered desk the admin sadly calls home.
What’s worse, if the admin is visiting an end user, waiting for the dentist, or even taking a restroom break, problems can’t be dealt with, and common tasks such as system updates won’t happen. Now you have an overworked unhappy admin and irritated end users or MSP clients. Not a great combination. Meanwhile safety is at stake since emergencies such as breaches can’t be quickly dealt with.

Active Directory Management
24 Jan 2016

Active Directory Management

Pulseway's Active Directory (AD) Management Server Module allows system administrators direct access to quickly resolve the most common problems that users experience in a domain environment, such as password reset and account unlock. Having the capability to unlock users, reset passwords, enable/disable accounts, and add/remove group membership via a mobile device app is a significant time and effort saver. It also boosts user productivity and overall user satisfaction with IT services.