Top Six Benefits of Managing IT from your Smartphone

 Saturday 24 January, 2015

Enterprise management isn't just about receiving critical alerts; it's also about the ability to immediately fix those problems.

Pulseway's solution offers six significant benefits of managing IT from your smartphone:

  • Device flexibility - You can monitor and control systems from any mobile device.
  • Location independence - You don't have to stay within quick driving distance away from your systems.
  • Receive alerts and manage from a single device - A smartphone is the only technology required.
  • No need for extra software - Manage everything via one app.
  • No VPN or firewall logins required - The Pulseway app ensures a secure connection on its own.
  • Manage everything - Manage any server or workstation in your enterprise.

For system administrators who are on the front lines of support for your critical systems, response time is everything. Your customers and your users rely on availability of services, storage, and data and they expect 100% uptime. Your support staff can only respond to problems if they know about them as soon as your customers do. Hours of down time can be costly to your company. Traditional support scenarios don't work anymore because system administrators don't sit by their computers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The solution is to monitor your critical systems and your critical applications and alert your support staff as soon as something goes wrong. And these days everyone carries a mobile phone. Why not combine the two into an enterprise solution that gives your system administrators full management access to all of your systems within seconds of receiving an alert?

At dinner you receive an alert that one of your IIS servers is not responding to requests.

Pick up your mobile phone, open the Pulseway app, tap the system you wish to manage, select Terminal (cmd window), issue IISRESET, tap Send, and your IIS process stops and restarts restoring your service in under one minute. It doesn't matter whether you're on a WiFi connection or using your phone's cellular network, responses from your systems are in real-time. If enabled, you can also manage your IIS servers graphically to start, stop, restart web sites and application pools.

You and your spouse decide to go window-shopping, when you remember that you forgot to apply a security update to one of your Windows systems.

You open your Pulseway app, select the forgotten system, scroll down to and select Windows Updates, tap Check for Updates, confirm the check, continue looking at clothes while your system performs the check, after a few minutes you apply the updates and return focus to your shopping experience. Even if your phone locks, the app is still open and everything works in the background for you. You don't have to wait for a lengthy process to finish before putting your phone back into your pocket. Unlock your phone and check progress as opportunity permits.

You receive a call just as you're leaving for the day from a junior system administrator who needs your assistance with unzipping and untarring a piece of software downloaded from a vendor.

While waiting for your subway to arrive, you open the Pulseway app, tap the Linux system he called you about, open the Terminal, issue the correct tar command to unzip and untar the software package, and text your coworker to tell him that the task is complete. You have full access to all system commands and you're operating at the command line of that system in Linux, Mac, or Windows.

During morning coffee, your phone lights up with a notification that one of your Hyper-V virtual machines is down that powers a website that is critical for collecting customer data.

You open the app, select the Hyper-V host, scroll to the Hyper-V management icon, select the errant system that's conveniently shown in red, and tap the Start button to initiate power on for the VM. Once your VM is online, you can manage it through the Pulseway app as a standalone managed system. VMware administrators can also manage hosts and VMs via the Pulseway app too.

Your manager calls you while you're on your way to a satellite office in another city to ask if you can run an SQL query that he is having problems executing.

You pull off the road, access the SQL Server system, and issue the SQL query for your manager. You notify him via text message that his query requires a WHERE clause to return his desired results. He responds with a 'thank you, that was quick!' text while you're on the road again. You also have the ability to browse tables, start jobs, and view logs on your SQL Server databases.

Using a mobile phone and a single app, your critical systems and services are only a tap away from the experts that manage those systems.

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