RMM and Antivirus - A One-Two Management and Security Punch

 Monday 27 March, 2017

Pulseway already offers managed service providers and IT admins the ability to fully monitor and manage end points from any mobile device. Now that same smartphone or tablet can also provide and manage front line security through state of the art antivirus protection.

IT professionals no longer have to use separate tools for management and remediation and security

With the Pulseway Antivirus one-two punch technicians can monitor endpoints remotely for hacker and virus/malware threats , and deploy and manage the antivirus tool to block and remove malware. This integration not only saves time, but also greatly increases protection. You can see the security status of all managed systems — local or remote—on a single console with status, install dates, last scan, last update, and comprehensive threat details – all from a mobile device.

“Today’s proliferation of mobile systems and distributed, remote workforces mean that securing all endpoints is not a ‘nice to have’ capability, but a MUST have necessity,” said Marius Mihalec, CEO and founder of Pulseway. “Pulseway Antivirus enables IT to protect its network, infrastructure, and ultimately users - wherever they may be. Adding remote antivirus capabilities to the Pulseway RMM solution is a natural extension of our core value proposition – to empower IT heroes to effectively monitor and manage IT systems anytime, anyplace, and take corrective action before users ever know there was an issue,” said Mihalec.

Simple, easy and central

Pulseway Antivirus is designed not just for deep coverage, but also to make IT pros’ lives easier. This all starts with deployment – it only takes minutes to set up full antivirus protection for your entire network. You can build configuration settings and apply them to groups of systems. This can be activated with a single click and can also automatically configure security profiles for a specific user or system type. Once installed all the devices are secure, and updates and changes are easily handled through a central location.

Pulseway Antivirus

With Pulseway Antivirus, computer pros get alerts whenever there is a threat so they can take immediate action. All aspects of antivirus protection can be managed through the mobile device, such as scanning systems, and adding new virus definitions – and this all can be applied to groups of systems.

Did you know that e-mail is still the number one way that viruses are spread and breaches accomplished? Pulseway Antivirus blocks and removes viruses spread through e-mail and Instant Messaging (IM). Files are treated the same way, with a full scan to insure they are clean before they are saved to the machine. The solution can also block threats from the Web by scanning URLs to for malicious sites. And with the Network Attack Blocker, attacks such as denial of service, buffer-overrun and port scanning are blocked.

Here are some other features:

  • Antivirus – Protect from both existing and new viruses and spyware. The solution can also detect emerging threats by spotting unusual system behavior, and roll back these potentially dangerous changes.
  • Anti-Phishing – with this protection, end users won’t fall victim to phishing email malicious phishing web sites.
  • Anti-rootkit – rootkit attacks are detected through regular scanning of hidden files and discovery of malicious processes.
  • Exploit Prevention – applications and systems software contain vulnerabilities that hackers are adept at exploiting. The Pulseway solution closes these holes and controls the behavior of vulnerable applications.

The Pulseway security story

The Pulseway RMM already includes a host of security features, including:

Full End-to-End Encryption

All connections to Pulseway services are done with a fully encrypted communication based on RSA private/ public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This is the industry standard encryption algorithm used worldwide.

Messages are also encrypted with AES (256 Bit) symmetric keys, which are sent via RSA public/private key exchange mechanism to guarantee that in the unlikely event of transport encryption failure, privacy is not compromised. Keys are automatically rotated on a controlled interval to prevent brute-force attacks also adding an extra layer of security against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Two-Step Authentication

Users can enable two-step authentication at any time on their accounts, which sends an OTP (One Time Password) via email to the account owner whenever you try to access sensitive account information such as Device Polices, remotely provisioning computer settings or connecting to a system via Pulseway Remote Desktop.

Device Access Control Lists

For enhanced security on the Pulseway mobile apps you can setup:

  • PIN code mobile authentication (and Touch ID where supported) to prevent unauthorized access to the monitored systems.
  • Centralized device access control lists with the ability to remotely disable mobile devices.
  • Default device access control list that will be used for newly added systems which allows you to deny access for all systems until you explicitly approve the new device.
  • Agent device access white list to only allow commands from explicitly allowed devices.

IP Address Filters

Pulseway Web Application respects IP Address filters configured on each account which can be used to restrict access to monitored systems to the Intranet or VPN networks for increased security.

Audit Log

All Pulseway commands are locally logged in the Application Windows Event Log and in the Pulseway Enterprise Server database for auditing reasons. The account owner is notified via email every time a new mobile device or a web browser instance is registered on the account.

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