Pulseway Wins the Best Infrastructure Management Services of 2015

 Monday 7 December, 2015

In November, PCMag's Paul Ferrill awarded Pulseway with PCMag's Editors' Choice Award for the best infrastructure management service of 2015.

Pulseway Wins the Best Infrastructure Management Services of 2015

"Pulseway performed excellently as both an asset manager and an infrastructure management tool - so much so that we felt it deserved an Editors' Choice award in both categories." Additionally Pulseway made PCMag's list of Best Application Performance Management Tools.

These awards come on the back of an already successful year, earlier this year Pulseway won the 2015 MKB Proof Award for innovation within IT management.

"We are very happy to have received this recognition from PCMag," said Marius Mihalec, CEO of Pulseway. "It's a true statement to our commitment to provide our customers with the best solution we can. We are grateful to see PCMag validate our efforts in this area."

You can read some of the key points from the article below:

Most Feature Complete Infrastructure Management Tool

"MMSoft Pulseway had the most feature complete infrastructure management capability of any of the products we've so far tested in this category. Using the MMSoft Pulseway Manager, you can connect to an Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure account and manage virtual infrastructure in the cloud, while simultaneously using the software to monitor and manage locally-deployed AD, Microsoft Exchange, and a host of other applications and services. On the virtualization front, MMSoft Pulseway supports Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and various flavors of VMware out of the box."

Visually Appealing Interface

"Pulseway's visually appealing interface continues to shine when performing more rote infrastructure management and APM tasks. As this review went to press, MMSoft rolled out a new HTML5-based version, which looks to be even better than the current Flash-based UI. The screen transitions and use of colorful icons are easy on the eyes and also serve to clearly organize its many tools and features. Systems can be grouped together to make it easier to associate specific resources together."

Life as a Mobile Manager

"Pulseway really shines when you use the mobile client. Actions for responding to most common requests are available from the mobile app on Android and iOS devices, including restart, log-out, and terminal actions on Mac OS and Unix-based platforms. We loaded the MMSoft Pulseway app on an Apple iPad 3 to test these mobility features. The user interface looked very similar to the Web interface but felt even smoother on the touchscreen device. We were able to navigate through the different servers and see alerts with just a few touches."

Read full review here

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