Choosing the Right Business Management (PSA) Software

 Friday 23 March, 2018

The Economic Value of Choosing the Right Business Management or Professional Services (PSA) Software

Business Management Software, often called Professional Services Automation (PSA), pays for itself quickly, experts say. Pulseway’s PSA saves more money and creates greater value since it is built into Pulseway Team RMM, and integrates with other solutions such as IT Glue documentation, QuoteWerks, Xero accounting, BrightGauge, and QuickBooks at no additional cost.

Even better for the number crunching set, the MSP edition is bundled with a full-feature PSA.

One Pulseway user had this to say about the PSA on Reddit. “We have been using it for a couple weeks now. And went live with it a week ago. Absolutely love it. Support is amazing. It is exactly what we were wanting without the exorbitant pricing of ConnectWise or Promys.”

The Pulseway PSA, priced separately at just $35/month per user, includes a customer-facing portal free of charge for external users to log in and view/manage tickets.

Recently Pulseway launched a PSA calculator where you can calculate how much you can save by switching from your existing PSA to Pulseway PSA.

See how much you can save by switching to Pulseway PSA

Inside the Pulseway PSA Solution

The Pulseway solution includes:

Service Desk: Respond to customer issues quickly and effectively with a complete help desk and ticketing solution.

Project Management: With a click of a button, you can get a real-time status on any of your projects, giving you information on how things are progressing, if it is staffed appropriately, if there are any issues and what the forecast looks like.

Customer Relationship Management: A comprehensive and easy to use CRM that helps you focus on the sales journey from start to finish. Track communication, set tasks and see potential pipelines.

Time and Expense Tracking: Know every aspect of your business by accurately tracking your expenses and time by project, company and employee.

Billing and Invoicing: Automatically generate invoices using your time and expense tracking records. Our billing and invoicing module integrate with QuickBooks.

Inventory Management: Track every detail of your inventory, products, procurements and fulfillments. The Inventory Management module integrates seamlessly with the rest of Pulseway PSA features, creating a smooth workflow.

Customer Quotes: Create and update customer quotes and sales orders quickly and easily, while always keeping a record of past communications.

Flexible Reporting: Reporting has never been this easy. Quickly create customized reports and schedule them however you like - daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

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The overall ROI of a PSA

A big part of being an MSP is calculating fees based time and expenses, and billing for them. You also need to deliver and manage services. Making these items more efficient fundamentally boosts your business. In fact, PSA categories such as project management, quotes, CRM, expense tracking, quotes, project management or service desk more than pay for themselves, and do so quickly.

However, a PSA solution, taken in total, has an even more impressive ROI. Recently Service Performance Insight (SPI), LLC, published a study, the 2017 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark, analyzing the economic benefits of a PSA. Most profoundly, it found that virtually all “service leaders” used a PSA.“Because every leader relies on a PSA application they are able to build and reinforce project delivery standards which result in precision execution and high levels of quality, productivity and profitability. They credit their PSA with improving resource, project management, time and expense capture and billing, leading to higher levels of billable utilization and on-time project completion,” the report argued. “Professional Services Automation solutions continue to drive significant operational performance benefits, which ultimately yield higher revenue and profit for professional services organizations.

The use of PSA is on the rise due to the need to better manage projects and resources, especially in more technical disciplines, as it has become increasingly difficult to find, hire, retain and deploy talent. PSA solutions help match the right resources, with the right skills at the right time to the right projects. PSA solutions yield several core benefits to PSOs, but most executives only need to look to the 3% increase in billable utilization, as the reason to select PSA. Almost all key metrics improve with PSA adoption. These systems pay for themselves with higher net profits.”

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