Worried About A Lockdown? Learn How Pulseway Can Help You Work Remotely

 Thursday 26 March, 2020
Worried About A Lockdown? Learn How Pulseway Can Help You Work Remotely

The ongoing pandemic lockdown has impacted the world in ways we have never seen before. From entire nations grinding to a halt to sporting events getting canceled, the global effects are truly unprecedented. While rich sporting clubs can afford to miss an entire season, most small and medium-sized businesses aren't as fortunate. Although remote working was growing in popularity well before the COVID-19 outbreak, the current global lockdown has forced many businesses to transition to remote working on a massive scale.

The situation is especially critical for internal IT Teams as companies scramble to ensure business continuity even if their entire workforce is working remotely. While this may prove to be a major challenge, businesses can make the most of this opportunity to prove their worth during these trying times.

However, in order to do so, IT teams will need access to the right tools and technologies. A cloud-based, mobile-first remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform that lets IT teams manage endpoints and provide IT service based on their company's requirements can work wonders in this scenario.

In this article, we'll discuss how Pulseway makes remote IT management simple and efficient for businesses and helps them stay up and running even while working remotely.

Key Features of Pulseway Remote Support Software

Pulseway is a mobile-first solution that allows technicians to manage the entire IT environment of a company from anywhere. But, before we learn how businesses can leverage the power of Pulseway for remote working, let's take a look at some of the core features of the Pulseway RMM tool that make it possible in the first place. 

  • Asset Discovery: Once Pulseway is connected to your IT environment, you can use the Network Discovery and Deployment engine to discover all the endpoints in your network. After all the endpoints are discovered, you can deploy Pulseway to all the assets with the help of pre-configured policies.
  • Automation: With the automation feature, a single IT professional can do the work of 20 by automating repetitive tasks. This helps maximize the efficiency of IT workers and manage a large number of endpoints.
  • Patching: Patching is one of the most important processes in IT. Your software should be up to date to eliminate any potential security threats and vulnerabilities. Pulseway's Patch Management Software scans the IT environment and installs patches automatically for all OS and third party software.
  • Remote Control: With the Remote Control feature, you can control the assets of your users from anywhere using any desktop or the Pulseway mobile app. This feature helps you provide instant fixes to any IT issues faced by your employees.

How Pulseway Supports Remote Work

Pulseway is a mobile-first remote support software designed for technicians to provide instant fixes to IT issues of their clients even when they are on the go. Apart from remote management, you can use its PSA for business management, cloud backup for backing and restoring your data, and antivirus solution for complete endpoint protection. All these features can be accessed from a single, unified mobile application.

When companies are forced to transition to remote work, IT teams have the additional responsibility of facilitating this transition as smoothly as possible. To make this possible, they need access to the right tools that allow remote work.

Pulseway comes with in-built features that enable remote work seamlessly. With Pulseway Mobile App, technicians can learn about issues in the endpoints they manage by receiving alerts instantly. They can also use the app to check the status of their endpoints and take immediate action to resolve these issues. Most importantly, Pulseway's simple to use interface requires almost no onboarding. You can get it up and running in no time and start managing your IT environment with ease.

Pulseway is simple to use from anywhere in the world. During a crisis such as the world is experiencing right now, you need a tool that allows you to efficiently manage all IT tasks without compromising your employee productivity. This is what makes Pulseway a great tool for remote work.

Pulseway to the Rescue

The world is currently reeling from the sudden impact of a pandemic lockdown. Businesses are uncertain about how long this is going to continue and what is the best course of action to keep their operations running. In this time of uncertainty, technology can come to the rescue and mitigate the damages businesses may face due to the current global lockdown.

With a remote IT management solution like Pulseway, businesses can firmly keep their head above water even during emergencies and continue to provide support to their employees with utmost efficiency.

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