Pulseway's IT process automation workflows: make the most of it.

 Monday 19 July, 2021
Pulseway's IT process automation workflows: make the most of it.

Managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting remote devices can be challenging and if you are an MSP or IT team this could be a humongous routine. According to a Gartner Report, 82 percent of company leaders will allow employees to work remotely for some of the time, which means remote work is here to stay and the demand for MSPs and IT teams will only continue to grow in 2021.

Based on the report and trend, it is definite that remote work is here to stay, and will continue to overwhelm IT departments with daily routines, which is why automation will make a difference and aid IT admins massively.

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What is an IT process automation workflow?

The need for remote support is on the rise, Pulseway decided to take its RMM capabilities one step ahead using a fully customizable IT automation for remote monitoring and management. IT process automation workflows are the modern way of managing and monitoring your remote devices with a predefined set of conditions and alerts that can be fully customized as per your organization’s network requirements.

This new feature will assist IT admins to have better control over their networks creating a new workflow for their mundane problems and will help them eventually to reduce their overall SLA resolution time.

For example, your technicians can define a unique IT process automation workflow when a critical service that was running on a remote device stops unexpectedly. Using Pulseway auto-remediation workflows, you can preset the rules and commands like restart the service or trigger a high-priority alert notification or an email without the need for manual intervention.

A look at Pulseway's IT process automation worlflow

Scope of IT process automation workflows

Pulseway’s auto-remediation workflows will allow your IT team to customize things based on applications, CPU usage, ping time, disk space, low memory, port issues, process and services, online/offline state of your managed systems, logged in user-specific customization, event logs and more. Once you pick the base of your flow, technicians can define the flow further using conditions, email alerts, start/stop service, etc.

Furthermore, you can also include your predefined scripts and custom fields to make it even more customisable and achieve advanced auto-remediations from one single pane of glass.

Pulseway IT auto-remediation workflow options to automate.

Benefits of IT process automation workflows

With MSPs and internal IT teams working tirelessly during these pandemic times, automating most common IT issues and mundane tasks frees up their time to concentrate on more pressing issues and hence improve their overall efficiency and productivity eventually, thus better SLA resolution time overall.

To sum up, the benefits of IT process automation workflows are:

  • Being proactive
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced SLA resolution time
  • Customer and user satisfaction
  • Your extra team member

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