Pulseway Wins the "Best In Mobile" Cloud Solution at the Cloud Awards 2020-21

 Friday 29 January, 2021
Pulseway Wins the Best In Mobile Cloud Solution at the Cloud Awards 2020-21

Pulseway, a leading provider of mobile-first, cloud-first remote monitoring and management, celebrates being named the Best in Mobile Cloud Solution at the Cloud Awards 2020-21.

“It is a special honor to be recognized for being at the pinnacle of innovation and success in this year’s international Cloud Awards,” said Marius Mihalec, CEO and Founder of Pulseway. "The Mobile-first design of Pulseway is not an afterthought but a key part of our product offering. It is well established and stable among our users."

Being a mobile-first solution, Pulseway allows technicians to monitor, manage and troubleshoot their IT environment from anywhere. IT technicians do not have to be tied to their desks and can perform their tasks even when they are on-the-go. In this age of remote working and highly dispersed teams, this ability is becoming more valuable for all IT teams of all types. The range of features offered by Pulseway through its mobile app is unparalleled in the IT industry.

What differentiates Pulseway from other players in the industry is that users can get the same level of functionality on Pulseway’s mobile platform as they can on their web platform. Technicians can now perform their tasks in real-time rather than just passively receiving alerts or monitoring their IT infrastructure. If anything goes wrong, technicians can fix the issue from the same device they received the notification of the issue on, wherever they happen to be - rather than having to connect to the network and open a different application.

"It is so refreshing to read that the introduction of a mobile solution has increased overall customer satisfaction with a product. Too often, mobile solutions offer a clumsy alternative to their desktop counterparts. Pulseway has moved seamlessly into mobile solutions, offering their customers real-time event tracking and straightforward usability. A clear winner in a highly competitive category!" - Annabelle Whittall, lead judge for the Cloud Awards.

With Pulseway, the control of your entire IT network is literally at your fingertips.

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