Pulseway 9.4 Redefines How Businesses Report IT Outcomes to Stakeholders with Market Leading Reporting and Advanced Templates

 Tuesday 24 October, 2023

Pulseway, a provider of an industry leading mobile-first, cloud-based IT Management Platform, today announced Pulseway 9.4, the new version of its platform aimed at supporting growing MSPs and mid-market enterprises. The latest version introduces industry leading reporting, automation and patching enhancements which will maximise the efficiency of IT professionals and the control they have over their environment.

Unbeatable Enhancements

Reporting has been greatly enhanced and allows teams to supercharge their productivity and precisely communicate outcomes using the advanced template library. These capabilities are unmatched in the IT platform marketplace.

Another major upgrade in the Automation area allows teams to maximise their productivity. Organisations can expect as much as a 30% reduction in technician labor associated with the new API webhooks and expanded workflow capabilities.

Patching capability has also been greatly expanded with a view to maximizing the effectiveness of IT teams - with no additional headcount. Admins can optimize coverage by utilizing Microsoft Security Classification rules and a totally reimagined approach to monitoring patching status!

At Pulseway we listen closely to our customers and our solution - already a market leader -boasts some totally reimagined features!” said Marius Mihalec, CEO and founder of Pulseway. “We’re extremely proud of the new enhancements. We put our customers in a position to drive more efficiency and report on their IT environment more clearly with no additional time or headcount. These new enhancements continue to showcase our commitment to driving organisational effectiveness and profitability and set the new standard for what IT professionals can achieve!

More details on the release:

Enhanced Reporting – The reporting capabilities are a game-changer. System Admins can deliver a new level of detail using the included library of 28 Advanced templates. These capabilities truly exceed anything else in the market and allow system admins to report on their IT environment like never before. All of this leads to better reporting outcomes in less time.

Enhanced Automation - New automation features deliver unparalleled control. API Call Webhooks allow system admins to command other applications (such as Azure and Slack) outside the Pulseway application. Capabilities are expanded with the ability to interact with 3rd party cloud based applications. Efficiency is maximised through updated powershell commands programming. Another phenomenal enhancement is the workflows - they are visual and very intuitive. The interface is easy to learn and allows users to quickly utilise automation to its full extent. This will deliver huge time savings and get businesses going quickly!

Optimised Patch Management - Elevate your patching abilities! Pulseway’s new patching widgets allow system admins to observe patching status across their whole environment - right on their dashboard! This coupled with updated Microsoft Security Classification based rules delivers a powerful combination that delivers enhanced visibility and proactive problem solving - with no extra technician time!

Robust Remote Control - System admins can now control remote sessions much more precisely. IT technicians can utilise a host of new capabilities including the ability to hide the end-users ability to disconnect the session, automatic desktop locking at the end of session, and the ability to conceal the screen from the user during a support session. All of these optimise security and efficiency.

Pulseway: A Market Leader

Pulseway 9.4 complements Pulseway’s complete stack of solutions for MSPs and mid-market enterprises. These include Pulseway PSA business management software for ticketing, project management, accounting, CRM, time- tracking, invoicing, billing, and help desk, as well as Pulseway Endpoint Backup and a host of cybersecurity tools to secure an environment.

For more information on Pulseway 9.4 visit: www.pulseway.com/new.

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