Pulseway Gives MSPs 24x7 Coverage with New NOC Offering

 Tuesday 14 March, 2017

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now service clients 24x7 with Pulseway’s new Network Operations Center (NOC) service.

NOC services are crucial for clients that operate around the clock. And if you have clients in a different time zone or with remote offices, a NOC is essential for smooth operations.

Large MSPs often have NOC services, sometimes existing within their headquarters. With a NOC service such as that from Pulseway, the MSP doesn’t have to train and employ full-time staff. And you can scale up or down, as demand requires.

MSPs can expand their business, and focus on customer generation.

  • Pulseway NOC services will allow your staff to focus on high value services and strategic growth.
  • Shift your focus from the mundane, repetitive tasks that eat into your day to increasing sales to grow your business.
  • An extra addition to your team without the hire.
  • Delivering top level of service all around the clock 24x7.
  • Provide after-hours support so your staff doesn’t have to.
  • Grow accounts without having to grow payroll.

With a NOC service you essentially ‘rent’ a specialist team for hours your staff isn’t unavailable.

If you have limited service hours, you are restricted in your expansion ability. The advantage with getting a NOC service from your RMM or PSA vendor is that the NOC service tightly integrates with the MSP solutions you use every day. The other advantage is that your clients won’t be able to tell when your shop is handling support versus the NOC. And now with fuller coverage, your clients come to feel they are dealing with a larger provider.

The Pulseway NOC acts just like your own team– but is available fulltime. During off hours, the NOC monitors client end points looking for problems. These can be put in a queue and dealt with when your staffers return. Another option is to have the NOC handle alarms, ignore the false ones, and fix the issue based upon their admin skills or use automation to solve issues based on pre-defined workflows and best practices.

Industry experts are getting on the NOC train.

Take Charles Weaver, CEO of The MSP Alliance for instance, who is a backer of service providers using a NOC Service. “It is important for MSPs to constantly evaluate which services are most valuable, and identify which services should be outsourced versus performed internally. In essence, MSPs need to go through the same evaluation their customers undergo when deciding whether to outsource,” Weaver said.

Weaver sees the rental of a NOC as being the best approach since an MSP doesn’t especially need a NOC during business hours. “The idea that you should outsource completely your NOC and help desk should be done only under the right circumstances. For example, it is very common for smaller MSPs to need after hours or weekend/holiday support for their NOC but cannot do it themselves, ” Weaver said.“It is an entirely different situation, however, to say that you plan to never have a NOC or help desk. This is the very essence of being a MSP. To never plan on developing your own monitoring, management, and help desk capabilities, begs the question as to your real purpose and value to your customers The NOC is the service delivery engine for your MSP practice, ” he said.

Time to Be Strategic

One benefit to a NOC is that MSP staffers have more time to be strategic, an argument made in an MSPmentor blog. “Partnering with a NOC vendor to deliver round-the-clock support and routine functions, such as patch management and systems maintenance, enables you to better focus on the consultative part of the business,” MSPmentor author Pedro Pereira wrote.

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