The Power of Automation: Top 5 Repetitive Tasks You Can Automate Today

 Friday 29 September, 2023
Top 5 Repetitive IT Tasks You Can Automate Today - Pulseway Blog

The undeniable power of automation is revolutionizing the tech industry. With an astonishing 94% of SMBs currently bogged down by time-consuming and repetitive tasks, tech experts highly recommend automation to boost efficiency and enhance protection against cyberattacks. With continuous protection and responsive services, automation tools can help IT professionals reclaim countless weekly hours.

In this blog, we'll explore the incredible benefits of automation and highlight the top five tasks you can easily automate today.

What does automation do?

Automation allows MSPs and SMBs to improve efficiency, productivity and responsiveness. Its power lies in freeing up valuable time, enabling an organization to focus on strategic growth and customer-centric initiatives.

By automating repetitive tasks, MSPs can rapidly expand their services, maintain consistent quality and boost profitability without needing additional personnel. For SMBs, the result is streamlined operations, fewer errors and heightened agility, ultimately translating into reduced disruptions.

Steps to automate repetitive tasks

Although successful automation saves time, it requires ongoing attention to ensure its continued accuracy and effectiveness. Following these steps when automating repetitive tasks can maximize the benefits of automation:

  1. Assess task suitability: Begin by identifying rule-based tasks that are repeated frequently. Ensure that the structure of these tasks allows for clear input-output patterns, making them conducive to automation.
  2. Choose automation tools: Select the appropriate automation tool or software that matches the complexity of the tasks. RPA (Robotic Process Automation), scripts or task-specific software, like Pulseway, can be effective options.
  3. Design workflow logic: Plan and design a workflow process that maps out how to complete tasks smoothly. Break down each component of a task as well as its dependencies to create a comprehensive automation roadmap.
  4. Implement and test: Use the chosen tool to develop the automation script or sequence. Test the automation in a controlled environment to identify errors, glitches or potential improvements before deploying it widely.
  5. Monitor and refine: Once automated, regularly monitor the process to ensure it functions accurately.

5 tasks that greatly benefit from automation

According to research, automating tasks can save IT professionals up to 40 hours per week using appropriate software. Here are some top examples of everyday IT tasks that greatly benefit from automation:

  • Operating system patching: Ensuring a secure network
    Operating system patching is a critical yet time-consuming task for IT departments. With cybercriminals always looking to exploit network vulnerabilities, automation helps ensure all patches are applied promptly, minimizing exposure to potential threats. It enhances security by swiftly addressing vulnerabilities and frees IT personnel from manual patching to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately leading to a more efficient computing environment.

  • Updating applications: Simplifying software management
    Unlike regular operating system patching schedules (e.g., Microsoft Patch Tuesday) that allow technicians to plan with more certainty, application patches come from various vendors with different release timeframes. This increases the chances of missing essential patches. By utilizing automated solutions, like Pulseway's All-in-One Patch Management Software, which includes third-party patching, IT technicians can automatically check and deploy the latest versions of applications. It even includes an option to "keep up to date," which guarantees timely and comprehensive patching, avoiding the hassle of disparate release schedules.

  • Deploying drivers and important files: Ensuring smooth operations
    Through automated deployment tools, drivers and essential files can be accurately and consistently installed across multiple devices, reducing human error and ensuring the use of correct versions. This improves the efficiency of IT teams and frees up their time to focus on more critical tasks.

  • Auto-remediation: Minimizing downtime and disruption
    Common IT issues can lead to system failure and downtime, disrupting user productivity. Auto-remediation addresses this issue by automatically responding to common problems without human intervention. Automated processes (driven by predefined rules and algorithms) can quickly assess the situation, identify the root cause and implement corrective actions when an issue arises. This reduces response times, minimizes human error, and ensures consistent and timely resolution of problems, boosting overall system reliability and efficiency.

  • Ransomware Detection: Enhancing network protection
    Ransomware attacks pose a significant threat to IT systems and can cause extensive damage if undetected. These attacks typically occur “after hours” when no one is around to stop them. The longer they go undetected, the greater the damage. Automating such attacks with reliable software like Pulseway’s Ransomware Detection adds an extra layer to protect your systems during high-risk times. It significantly enhances protection against ransomware attacks by rapidly identifying and responding to potential threats before they become a significant problem. It also enables swift isolation of affected systems and deployment of patches and updates. Furthermore, minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks induces efficiency and responsiveness in IT operations.

Improve day-to-day efficiency with automation

The transformative power of automation can thrust our world into a future of unparalleled efficiency. Many IT professionals have already planned on automating repetitive tasks with Pulseway’s advanced automation engine to achieve greater user satisfaction.

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