How To Earn More as a SysAdmin

 Tuesday 21 December, 2021
How To Earn More as a SysAdmin

Being a system administrator has become a much sought-after role over the past decade, predominantly because every business relies on its IT infrastructure to run seamlessly and glitch-free. The world needs system administrators now more than ever, which is why there are a lot of opportunities going around with great earning potential.

Good IT talent is hard to come by due to the shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry. Some employers are even ready to pay more to get the right people. And over the past few years, sysadmins have become more aware than ever of their true worth. This has made them more open and willing to move around to earn more money and get better employment conditions. In the world of the sysadmin, it really is a seller's market.

If you're looking to earn more as a sysadmin and maybe secure a promotion, you're reading the right article. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Ensure your technical skills are up to date

Technology is always evolving. Innovative technology and applications are constantly being developed, while existing solutions are constantly being updated. This means that software that you were proficient in a few years ago, might not be relevant anymore. In addition to that, the business or legal requirements when it comes to security and compliance are constantly changing as well. This makes it so much more important for you to keep building your technical skills to keep up with the evolving technology landscape and minimize the risk of getting left behind. Your professional development is linked to your knowledge of wider industry trends.

Even though the job title remains the same, the role of today's sysadmin has evolved as environments (and the tools to manage them) get more complex and the IT department takes up a more strategic role in organizations. A fully rounded sysadmin needs an understanding of hardware, software, networking, security and how everything works together.

Use your technology skills to improve business functions

Just as we mentioned, every business depends on its technology and IT infrastructure. Therefore, organizations must invest in developing their IT skill to succeed in the modern-day business landscape. And this is the right time to prove your worth to your organization.

You can proactively advance in your career and earn more as a sysadmin by becoming more valuable to your organization and the best way to so that is to become more visible to the stakeholders of your organization. Try and use your technical skills to improve a business function. Identify an issue or a weak spot in your organization or find a way to increase efficiency. For instance, as a sysadmin, you can use automation in your favor to replace a slow, manual process or even cut costs. Contributing to a great end-user experience is a great way to prove your worth as a system administrator.

Advance your skills and get certified

There are many under-qualified sysadmins out there, which means getting an IT certification could be a great way to stand out from the rest. These certifications will help you become an expert at the skills that your job requires as well as keep your skills up to date and help you to remain relevant. They are also usually a motivating factor for employers to consider giving you a promotion or a raise.

With that being said, there are a lot of certifications out there, both offline and online. There are also product specific certifications that companies offer such as the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate and many more. As a sysadmin, choose what works best for your organization and get certified for quicker career growth.

While any responsible employer will pay for you to get certified and learn the skills you currently need, you should also consider investing in your own career by paying to learn and be certified in newer technologies. If your employer isn't keeping up with newer, advanced technologies, you face the possibility of being forced into a career dead-end. Furthermore, taking things into your own hands to identify and learn new skills will future-proof your career.

In addition to these certifications, you can also learn specialist skills such as database administration, security and networking to become more of an all-rounder and boost your value to your organization.

Become an expert of your industry

It's always good to dabble in a lot of things before finally settling in a particular industry. However, developing experience in a specific industry can go a long way with potential employers. When you've been in an industry for a prolonged period, you will be an expert at what you are doing. You will know the industry inside out, including all the things you must bear in mind when managing networks in these environments. Most employers will pay the price for an experienced candidate who can keep their IT environment running smoothly.

Be proactive in identifying problems

Being a dependable and effective sysadmin can bring you goodwill among your peers but being proactive in identifying potential trouble spots and suggesting improvements can make you invaluable to your organization.

Make sure you're always on the lookout for potential problems because solving a problem before it becomes a serious issue is the most effective form of support. This will help you keep your organization's networking running optimally without minimal disruption of downtime even in the event of an incident.

Use the right tools to improve efficiency

As a sysadmin, the right tools can be your best friend. Ensure that you have all the tools you need to manage all your organization's unique requirements with equal importance. For instance, you'll need the right tool to monitor your network and all devices on it.

You must also ensure that the tool is easy to use and convenient. If your team is based out of multiple locations, the ability to manage your networks through a mobile device can make a world of difference. Similarly, if maintaining uptime is essential, you will need to employ automation to speed up the resolution of issues.

How much a sysadmin earns may vary depending on experience in the field and the technical expertise of the individual. However, if you follow some of these best practices, you can get the most out of your role as a system administrator.

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