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Server Monitoring and Management software

Monitor and manage your servers performance and uptime from anywhere and at any time. Get insight over the real-time status of Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V and more.

Manage Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services

Pulseway seamlessly integrates with Active Directory deployment without the need for any configuration or infrastructure changes.

  • Access to the entire Active Directory Forest
  • New domains get automatically picked
  • Get notified when a user gets locked out
  • Enable, disable and reset password
  • Manage user's group membership to add or remove security features
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Take Control of Your Virtual Infrastructure

Hyper-V server module mobilizes Microsoft Hyper-V management tools allowing you to quickly take action without the need of a computer.

  • Monitor
  • Send Commands and Watch them Execute
  • Send Replication Commands
  • Watch Virtual Machines' Screen in real-time
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Monitor VMware vSphere Infrastructure

Get insight at-a-glance over the realtime status of hypervisors and virtual machines. Get your virtual cloud monitored securely without firewall rules, expensive VPN connections or complicated proxies.

  • Manage vCenter and ESXi hypervisors
  • Revert snapshots or create new ones
  • Receive vCenter Alarms
  • Manage Virtual Machines
  • Watch virtual machine live console feed
  • View system logs in realtime
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Effortlessly Manage Microsoft SQL Server

With Pulseway Server Monitoring Software you can view the table data, execute queries, view logs and much more. Easily identify slow-running SQL queries, gain complete server visibility and do it all from one single dashboard.

  • Run SQL Queries
  • Browse Tables
  • Start Jobs and View Logs
  • Get Notified on Deadlocks, Filled Databases
  • and Custom Query Filters
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Take full control of XenServer Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your XenServer environment. Take advantage of seamless integration with Citrix XenServer and monitor the health and status of multiple virtualized environments and make use of features like vApps, Snapshots, and much more.

  • Monitor the Memory Usage
  • Run and Pause Tasks on the go
  • Take Snapshots
  • Monitor the CPU Usage
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Monitor and Control Microsoft Exchange

Connect Pulseway to one server and gain access to all servers in the Database Availability Group (DAG). Receive notifications when databases get mounted or dismounted, control replication queues and set limits. Gain ease of mind knowing that mailboxes are under control and that you can prevent issues before they impact users.

  • Get Alerted About Critical Server Health
  • Monitor Mailboxes
  • Monitor Queues
  • Monitor Database
  • Manage Transport Settings
  • One-Tap Health Test
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