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Schema Networks

Schema Networks

Schema Networks Moves From Standard RMM to Mobile RMM With Pulseway

“We've had many other monitoring tools in the past from all the usual suspects. But Pulseway’s mobile remote management approach really changed the game for us. My team is connected and empowered because of Pulseway, we get instant alerts of system issues and we take immediate action regardless of our location.”


Schema Networks are a leading Managed Services Provider in California, and were seeking a tool that would aid their entire team in providing real-time network monitoring to their clients from a single interface. Something that was easy to implement, deploy, manage and use.

What attracted them to Pulseway

The mobile app and the desktop command center.


Schema Networks is an Outsourced IT Service Provider mainly working with SMB’s in the AEC (Architectural/Engineering/Construction) industries. They specialize in providing Outsourced IT Support, Real-Time Network Monitoring, Datacenter Hosting and Project Work.

Managing alerts in a meaningful way

Schema Networks needed to know at very basic level what’s operational and what’s not. “We wanted a tool that we could deploy to our team and clients that would not only enable us to monitor aspects of our network(s)/servers, but that would also let us manage alerts in a meaningful way.” Said Scott, “Many monitoring systems are completely overkill, too complicated and or too expensive. They also don’t have the mobile aspect that Pulseway delivers, which initially – I wasn’t sold on…however, after really thinking about how mobile we are in the field – and the ability for us to take action while being at a remote location, I did a 180 on the product and now am a believer in it, 100%. Any monitoring package that doesn’t tie in a mobile solution, they’re useless at this stage in the game”.

The support team is a blessing

Scott spoke highly of his experience with the product and the support team “…the support team has been a great resource to us since the beginning. We had regular contact with the department, and our assigned dedicated support specialist has been a blessing, he really showed us the ins and outs of the solution to the point that we are now extremely confident in utilizing the product to it’s maximum capacity”.

Extremely secure

“The software requires a strong passwords just to open and run. Additionally we have setup a PIN that needs to be entered before anyone from our team can start the Pulseway app or execute any commands...” Scott spoke about the security of the app. Any connections that Pulseway uses happen using SSL connecting via HTTPS port 443. This means that the connection is encrypted, and that you don't need to open any special ports to make it work, vastly simplifying the network management tasks.

Favorite thing about the solution

Schema Networks and Scott enjoy the ability to see their entire server assets from a single solution, additionally they love the ability to react as a team.

About Schema Networks

Schema Networks  are a leading Managed Services Provider in California.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

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