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Highland Community College


"From my smartphone the Pulseway solution enables me to log out active users, check and run Windows updates and restart all machines. Overall there has been a significant improvement in the general monitoring"

Joshua Berry

Director of Information Technology, Highland CC


In addition to the main campus the college has approximately 33 regional locations that have IT monitoring requirements.

Highland CC - Background

Why Pulseway

Initially the iPhone app drew attention, however, general monitoring and readyaccess visibility were the key reasons for adoption.

Highland CC - Why Pulseway


Highland Community College began as Highland University in 1858, making it the first college in Kansas. The College has been providing higher education opportunities to the people of Northeast Kansas for over 150 years. Approximately 3,200 students are enrolled on the main campus and at 33 regional locations in the area. The HCC offers Associate degrees in 50 concentration areas and has 15 programs that are technical education degrees.

Highland CC - Customer

The challenge

Prior to installing Pulseway, Highland CC had been using an alternative Operations Management System which had been in operation for quite some time. The network administration team was that not entirely satisfied with its performance. In particular, it was not easy to use and it’s tracking capabilities and general operational setup was insufficient for the College’s requirements.

Highland CC - The challenge

The Solution

Highland CC purchased the Enterprise Server software to monitor and manage their campus and regional locations. Pulseway Enterprise software allows the user to monitor remotely located servers from one license and all from the same device.

Highland CC - The Solution

The results

Since the installation of Pulseway, Highland CC has enjoyed a significant improvement in the general monitoring and ready access visibility for such things as hard drive space, CPU and memory usage metrics and logged in\active users.

Highland CC - The results

Highland Community College began as Highland University in 1858, making it the first college in Kansas. The college has approximately 3,200 students.


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