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Global PC Use Pulseway To Resolve Problems Long Before They Have Any Impact On Their Business.

“Pulseway makes it so much easier to use a smartphone to tackle those small jobs en route, which could otherwise become urgent priorities as the clock ticks on during the day.”

Austin Ellis, Director, Global PC Ltd.


Global PC immediately saw the potential of Pulseway to further enhance its service offering by allowing the company to accurately and instantly monitor the health of machines supplied to its clients.

Why Pulseway

Global PC needed a monitoring system that provided a high level of managed service.


In the highly competitive environment of computer sales and support, the ability to differentiate on service is a crucial factor for success. In its quest to achieve the edge, Christchurch’s Global PC has for several years worked with Chillisoft, New Zealand distributor of ESET NOD32 and other solutions. When Chillisoft added Pulseway to its portfolio, Global PC immediately saw the potential to further enhance its service offering to clients. That’s because Pulseway allows the company to accurately and instantly monitor the health of machines supplied to its clients – and provide a superior level of after-sales service.

The challenge

In the past, the ability for a systems administrator to monitor and manage IT infrastructure, right down to the memory and processor activity of every device on the network, would come at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

The mobility era tool

Pulseway has blown the market wide open with an incredibly powerful tool made for the mobility era. Where other IT service management tools might take weeks or months to configure and install, Pulseway takes a couple of hours, even for a large environment. Pulseway is built as a mobile application from the ground up, rather than "shoehorning" a legacy app on to a small screen. Not only does it perform all of the simple to most of those critical functions, but also it is extremely reliable and responsive.

Working with Pulseway has been an incredibly easy process

“We’ve only had some basic questions for support, but they have always been answered completely in a timely manner. I would recommend Pulseway on the peace of mind alone. Being able to quickly check the status of every monitored system from my phone at any time of the day helps me sleep at night.”

The clients are impressed

Ellis says demonstrating Pulseway to Global PC clients has the desired effect. “They immediately see the value in it – not from a ‘wow, that’s an amazing tool’ point of view, but because they know that their environment is being closely watched. In fact, we’re able to pick up and resolve problems long before they have any impact on business. That really impresses our clients.”

The results

Ellis says Pulseway makes going the extra mile easy, as Global PC has the ability to deliver accurate, immediate and convenient administration for all machines under its management. “With this toolset, we can quickly identify and address most issues that may arise, including applying Windows updates. Common problems, like jobs stuck in print spools, can be cleared remotely instead of sending out a technician; we are able to instantly view and manage server loads and status, monitor and control memory and processor resource utilization, and much more.”

About Global PC

Global PC  operate in the highly competitive business of computer sales and support where the ability to deliver exceptional service becomes a major differentiating factor.

Industry: Computer Sales & Support

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