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Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies knows of critical problems the minute they happen.

“Customers are impressed when you know of an issue before they do.”

What led Convergint Technologies to look for a solution like Pulseway?

Mike Mann is the Project Specialist at Convergint Technologies and is in charge of a large Windows based video recorder, which was giving him continuous issues. The archive drives needed constant attention because when they would fill up the system could not delete video fast enough to make room for new archives.

“I was logging in three times a day just to check on the storage. After installing the Pulseway client as a trial I was able to set a storage threshold and have instant alerts come to my phone when there were signs of trouble.”

Switching from Labtech’s RMM software

One of 5rings’ main focuses is on customer service and they were looking for a solution that would allow them to further improve on their availability to the client. 5rings also wanted a solution that would allow them to monitor and maintain their client’s IT environment outside of traditional office hours so they could reduce downtime and ensure that their customers’ business is always operational.

Monitoring at every level

Previously Mike Mann was using Labtech but he wanted something more user friendly and simpler to use. “I read some reviews and after setting up the trial I was instantly impressed. With the remote desktop capability alone we were able to cancel a six license GoToMyPC account that was charging us 80% of the cost of a 50 license Pulseway Enterprise account.”

Monitoring customers infrastructure

Convergint Technologies currently has the Pulseway Enterprise client installed on about 48 machines. Most are customer video servers, but some are their own internal machines. They monitor CPU and Memory usage, storage usage, Windows services, and ping activity/loss to IP cameras and some other network devices. “We generally configure it on new installations to monitor the health during the first few months and then we offer it as a service to customers for a yearly per system fee.”

Discovering customer issues in real-time

“We know of problems the minute they happen. Customers are impressed when you know of an issue before they do. We’ve called customers that have had power or Internet loss, dead cameras or even a Windows service that has stopped and they didn’t even know yet.”

“We've sold Pulseway as a service to a couple of our customers. Between the two of them we more than pay off our yearly cost and we still have about 35 client licenses to use for new installs and our own equipment. ”

Working with Pulseway has been an incredibly easy process

“We’ve only had some basic questions for support, but they have always been answered completely in a timely manner. I would recommend Pulseway on the peace of mind alone. Being able to quickly check the status of every monitored system from my phone at any time of the day helps me sleep at night.”

Favourite thing about Pulseway?

“The customized monitoring solutions. Being able to set thresholds on CPU usage and drive space and if a ping drops for a certain amount of time is key for us because all of our customers are different.”

About Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies  is a global service-based integrator of Electronic Security, Fire Alarm & Life Safety, Building Automation and Healthcare Technologies.

Industry: Security & Investigations

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