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“We cannot live without Pulseway today. That’s a fact”

Thomas Traberg-Larsen, Director, Compusoft

“Every time I talk to technical guys I ask them if they know Pulseway. If they say, "no, I don't know it." I have introduced them to it. That's the way... With good products you get the mouth to ear free advertisement.”

Thomas Traberg-Larsen, Director, Compusoft

On Premise Implementation

As a corporate philosophy, Compusoft prefers to host any software they use themselves. They are running an on-premise version of Pulseway, which is automatically kept up to date. They feel this gives them extra control as they are responsible for every piece of their infrastructure and can immediately react if there are issues. They had no real issues getting started with Pulseway and any issues were “solved in a hurry”. It has also been “quite easy to run the product”.

Mobile Access

Compusoft mainly use Pulseway for monitoring, alerting and remote control but find the Pulseway mobile app particularly valuable. “The fact that we can do a windows update, for example, on our servers from the phone in off hours, and that you can practically sit in your armchair with one eye on the movie and another eye at the phone and do some maintenance work, is very good.”

Functionality and Efficiency

Pulseway is primarily used by 2 full-time staff to monitor all their systems, and they cannot imagine having to do this manually – “that would be a very, very bad situation.” They are frequently contacted by other monitoring tool vendors, “but up to now we have said, no, there’s no interest at all because we are very happy with the product we are running”


Founded in 1987, Danish company, Compusoft are a leading supplier for booking, ticketing systems and access control systems for the leisure and travel industry in Scandinavia. They have over 1000 customers, ranging in size from very small campsites to large restaurants and theme parks. About 30% of their customers run the software on site, with the remainder hosted in Compusoft’s facilities.

Compusoft are one of Pulseway’s oldest customers and date back to before the company was called Pulseway. From starting out monitoring 10 endpoints, they now monitor over 300 – a mixture of internal admin systems and customer systems.

In 2012, Compusoft were looking for a monitoring solution and a Google search returned what was then called Mobile PC Monitor. They quickly thought “’this is the right product for us’ and indeed it really is a very good product.”

Compusoft powers self-service kiosks so their customers can offer a 24-hour service. It is therefore important that these are always available. Pulseway is used to monitor these to ensure they are running normally with alerts being sent to Compusoft’s support department. In this way they are alerted of issues before the customer is aware, therefore helping to maintain that 24/7 availability their customers rely on.

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