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Business Services Gibraltar



How Business Services Gibraltar transformed its business with Pulseway

They have been able to improve their services, become more proactive, attract new customers and enhance their reputation in the market with the use of the Pulseway platform and Pulseway's MSP Toolkit.


We're providing an even broader range of services to an even broader, more diverse range of clients, and the only reason that we're able to do that more efficiently now than we were before, is definitely because of the PSA system that we now have in place.

Jade Edinburgh
Business Development Manager, Business Services Gibraltar Ltd

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Business Services Gibraltar Ltd (BSG), is a family run IT services business operating in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar – situated on the Straight of Gibraltar where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean.

Founded in 1979, BSG is the oldest IT company in the territory and provides IT services for many local businesses as well as for the many international businesses headquartered there – particularly Financial Institutions and Gaming Companies. It also offers the widest range of services including being the local distributor for over 30 international brands such as Cisco and Dell.

Jade Edinburgh, Business Development Manager of BGS previously worked in the IT industry in the UK and returned to the family firm in early 2020. Her remit was to review BGS’ internal systems to help ensure they continue to offer top tier services – not just by local standards but to international standards so they continue to become an attractive supplier for their internationally headquartered customers.

The first priority identified was to improve the way that day to day operations are managed to help the team provide an even better service. A major driver for this was change was a need to improve the levels of reporting for their larger, international clients. As well as improving transparency, this would also record the work carried out under support contracts to demonstrate the value of their services.


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