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The right infrastructure and server monitoring software is a vital part of any IT department in a business.


Create and deploy custom scripts to automate all your IT tasks, saving time and increasing your overall efficiency. Automate anything from backup jobs to security checks on schedule or on demand, at anytime, from a device closest to you.


Pulseway’s very own Remote Control tool enables you to connect to all monitored computers and control any remote or console sessio without any configuration, whatsoever.


Pulseway is designed as a secure service from the ground up. All communications are encrypted and take place over HTTPS. Device Access Policies can restrict or block devices and limit the commands that can be executed from any devices.

Real-Time monitoring

Real-Time monitoring and management

Pulseway's solution doesn't end with simple system up/down monitoring or with a "look but can't touch" view. Immediate alerts notify you so that you'll be the first to know when something goes wrong on your critical systems. As an administrator, you have full access to all services, file systems, command windows, and performance data. There's absolutely no administrative task that you can't perform. And you can automate your first line of defense by specifying alert conditions to trigger tasks.

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Complete control from

Receive alerts and manage your systems from anywhere on any device. Monitor and manage all of your Windows, Linux, and Mac servers and workstations with a simple app on your mobile device.

Application monitor

Monitor your critical applications

Pulseway also enables you to monitor your applications using the REST API or the Cloud API. Display key runtime parameters, stats and use Web Hooks to interact with the monitored instances in real time. Send notifications when runtime parameters are out of bounds, errors occur or on any other events worth knowing about. Start managing embedded systems, websites, applications, backup scripts and more using any programming or scripting language there is.

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Case Study:

Siemens Industry

“Pulseway provided just what we were looking for: Ease of use, Multiuser Access, Detailed and easy to understand data and real-time alerts. Unlike some other remote management tools that we looked at, Pulseway offered a mobile first approach. Every function that Pulseway is capable of performing can be handled using a phone or tablet. What good is an alert if you can't act upon it, regardless of your physical location?”

Al Clark III

Senior Technical Specialist Siemens Industry Inc.

Al Clark III is a Senior Technical Specialist at Siemens Industry Inc., which is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse for over 165 years in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure & cities sectors.

“I have always been pleasantly surprised at just how well the solution works, how much of a time saver it is and how freeing it is to organizations without 24 hour system admins. Our IT admins identify system overloads, reboot services and reset passwords in Active Directory, in seconds from their smartphones.”

Josef Himmelbauer

CIO Caritas Vienna

Case Study:

Caritas Industry

Caritas Vienna is one of the biggest NGO's in Austria with approximately 4,500 employees and 10,000 volunteers. Their infrastructure included 120 Server, 45 VMware hosts, 2 data center locations, more than 1700 IT users, over 160 field offices, 350 Notebooks and 170 data lines. All of this needed to be monitored 24/7 by 5 system administrators.

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