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Pulseway Client Portal – Next Generation End User Support

Reduce the pressure on support by empowering end users to immediately resolve their own issues. Fewer support tickets, shorter response times, happier users.

Focus on high value tasks

Support teams spend most of their time repeatedly fixing the same issues in the same way. The Pulseway client portal allows you to automate these resolution paths while giving end users immediate responses to common issues. By reducing the support load, you have more time to focus on proactive, higher value activities, while users no longer wait in support queues.

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The client portal allows you to build multiple interactive resolution troubleshooters using an intuitive visual editor. These are effectively workflows that can trigger tasks and scripts based on user responses to pre-defined questions. This allows you to define multiple standard resolution paths to reflect user’s individual circumstances.

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Built in chat

The Pulseway client portal includes a built-in chat function that allows the end user to communicate directly with a technician. This can be started automatically as a step in a troubleshooter, or you can give users the option to start it directly themselves. A summary of the chat is recorded and can be sent to the technician.

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Simple end user interface

Once you have enrolled end users into the client portal, they can easily access it using just their email address. If their computer has the Pulseway agent installed, you can choose to link to the portal from the system tray. Users simply click on the relevant troubleshooter, and it immediately runs. You can also brand the portal with your own logo.

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