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Pulseway Cloud API diagram
01 Mar 2014

Supercharge Pulseway with the Cloud API

Setting up Pulseway to work with your work computer, server, or virtual machine is quite easy. But what happens when you want to supercharge your Pulseway setup and go to the next level?

That's where the Pulseway API comes in.

With our Cloud API you can monitor and control all your cloud app/service instances. With a few lines of code, you can integrate Pulseway monitoring and remote management directly into your apps or services.

What's the advantage of using the Pulseway API? ...

Marius Mihalec, CEO and Founder of MMSOFT Design
22 Feb 2014

Pulseway Featured in New Zealand

At Pulseway, we're very fortunate to have a large group of customers and partners all over the world to help spread the word and support us. Just last week, our founder Marius Mihalec, spent the week in New Zealand meeting with one of our biggest partners, Chilisoft. While in New Zealand, along with Chilisoft, we put together an event to meet the local tech scene, and showcase Pulseway.

One of our customers, The University of Auckland, came and spoke at the event, too. Eugene Chan, the Deputy Director of the University of Auckland ...