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How to Avoid a 40-Minute Commute for a 30 Second Fix
10 Mar 2015

How to Avoid a 40-Minute Commute for a 30 Second Fix

Managing your IT infrastructure is a tough job and it's especially tough on those given the task of maintenance, on-call rotations, and outages. A filesystem fills up and an alert fires. A service fails and another alert goes out to administrators. A server goes offline and an alert eventually hits the mobile phones of the technical support staff. Unfortunately, the administrators who receive the alerts are sometimes far away from their computers and can't reach them in a timely manner to investigate or to resolve the issues at hand. On the surface, this looks like the perfect opportunity to implement a remote management solution so that administrators can respond immediately to alerts...

Top Six Benefits of Managing IT from your Smartphone
24 Jan 2015

Top Six Benefits of Managing IT from your Smartphone

Pulseway's solution offers six significant benefits of managing IT from your smartphone:
Device flexibility -You can monitor and control systems from any mobile device.
Location independence - You don't have to stay within quick driving distance away from your systems.
Receive alerts and manage from a single device - A smartphone is the only technology required.
No need for extra software - Manage everything via one app.

Mobilize your Monitoring and Management with Pulseway
23 Jan 2015

Mobilize your Monitoring and Management with Pulseway

There is a huge misconception that RMM solutions are solely for large enterprises. This simply isn't true. The right RMM solution, implemented in the right way, is a vital part of any IT department in a business. For small organizations, RMM can simplify management of their own or their clients IT, increase efficiency, improve uptime, and so much more.

Work from Anywhere
Being in your company's on-call rotation is no fun. You have to stay close to your computer at all times in fear that if you leave for a few minutes to run an errand or to have dinner, disaster will strike. Your momentary absence could cost your company a lot of money in the time that it takes you to make your way back to your computer. However, you carry a mobile device, or two, everywhere you go these days. ...

Configuring Pulseway Mobile Device Access Policies and User Accounts
22 Dec 2014

Configuring Pulseway Mobile Device Access Policies and User Accounts

1. Manage Device Access Level
Pulseway offers three different levels of access privileges to mobile devices so that you can grant specific permission levels to every individual device. What this means is that if you decide to add a new mobile device to monitor your network you can grant it a specific level of access to systems of your choice. At any time you can change a devices level of access. Not to mention, if the device is ever lost it can be removed or blocked.

About Device Access Policies
The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for IT departments relies heavily on Device Access Policies. ...

Pulseway integrates with Autotask
06 Nov 2014

Pulseway integrates with Autotask

We are glad to announce an integration partnership with one of the leading IT business management solution providers in the world, Autotask. Starting with version 4.6, Pulseway will be able to forward notifications as Autotask tickets.

Autotask provides a complete IT business management solution that combines Service Desk, CRM, Projects, Time & Expense, Billing and more allowing companies to fuse seamlessly the two solutions into a single, centralized dashboard. ...