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Pulseway Introduces All New HTML5 Web Application

Sep 21

Pulseway Introduces All New HTML5 Web Application

  •  Monday 21 Sep 2015

The next level of IT management arrives in the most dynamic web app yet.

Pulseway Introduces All New HTML5 Web Application

Introducing to you the all-new Pulseway HTML5 web application (currently in beta). Adding a powerful new dimension to Pulseway's already successful mobile-first remote monitoring and management solution.

The new web application is elegant and simple yet extremely powerful. Monitor, control and manage all your servers, workstations and applications from any browser on any operating system - without the need of third party applications.

"Since founding Pulseway, we've always wanted to do things differently. Our goal has always been to make IT management a lot easier and comfortable," said Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway. "We are excited to launch our new web app which is another way we can enable success for IT admins in today's mobile-first world. Our customers will never be more prepared to address issues, no matter where they might be."

Pulseway Introduces All New HTML5 Web Application

With the addition of the new web app, Pulseway now offers an unparalleled real-time IT management suite to system administrators, MSP's and IT professionals. Giving them instant access to their entire IT environment from any smartphone, tablet or web browser.

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