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Monitor VMware vSphere infrastructure from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. VMware vSphere server module gives you an insight at-a-glance over realtime status of hypervisors and virtual machines. Whether you are monitoring 10 hypervisors or a thousand VMware Server Module performs great on enterprise class deployments.

Manage vCenter and ESXi hypervisors

Connect to the full vSphere solution or only standalone ESXi hypervisors.
Get your virtual cloud monitored securely without firewall rules, expensive VPN connections or complicated proxies. Plug Pulseway and you are managing your vSphere solution in no time.

Manage Snapshots

Reverting to snapshot state or creating new snapshots has never been easier. Quickly backup system state from anywhere, anytime.

Receive vCenter Alarms

Be first to know when a vCenter alarm gets triggered so you can quickly take action. Alarms are the first sign of performance degradation and a timely notification means faster resolution.

Manage Virtual Machines

Check realtime status and resource usages right to promptly identify performance issues. Whenever required you can logoff, restart and shutdown the guest operating system or reboot and poweroff the virtual machine.

Live View

Watch virtual machine live console feed to notice system errors, prompt dialogs and user activity.

Control Hypervisors

Take control of your ESXi hypervisors by performing maintenance tasks: Restart, Shutdown, Power On and Maintenance Mode Switches are possible.

Granular Navigation

Browse through datacenters, clusters, hypervisors and virtual machines or use the Search feature to quickly find the managed system you are looking for.

Event Logs

View system logs in realtime to see if maintenance tasks have finished and easily notice any system errors before they lead to a system failure.

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