Why Is Endpoint Backup Essential for Servers?

 Thursday 23 November, 2023
Why Is Endpoint Backup Essential for Servers?

Did you know that about 2,200 cyberattacks take place per day, at an average of every 39 seconds? With such an alarming figure, maintaining an updated backup system is crucial. It automatically backs up data from various endpoints to a centralized server or cloud storage for data protection and recovery. However, safeguarding critical business data is no longer confined to the security of centralized office servers. There's a growing need to ensure data protection for endpoints, including laptops and other remote devices, which often contain valuable business information.

One of the cornerstones of this data protection strategy is endpoint backup, which is particularly crucial for servers. In this blog, we will explore the significance of endpoint backup for servers, shedding light on its inherent value and necessity. For SMBs and MSPs, this easy-to-understand and practical guide will touch upon the technicalities of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) and emphasize the vital role of secure, reliable and up-to-date backups.

Understanding BCDR: Ensuring business resilience

Before we delve into the specifics of server endpoint backup, let's understand the broader framework it operates within — BCDR. Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) encompasses a set of practices, policies and technologies that enable an organization to recover and continue critical business operations during a disaster or downtime. This comprehensive approach ensures businesses can swiftly bounce back from disruptions and maintain essential functionalities.

The critical role of endpoint backup for servers

Endpoint backup for servers encapsulates a simple yet formidable concept: securing vital business data residing on servers. It mirrors the same fundamental concept of endpoint backup for PCs that safeguard essential business data on PCs. This approach ensures a comprehensive data protection strategy, covering both server infrastructure and individual workstations. Let's break down the critical aspects that make endpoint backup for servers essential to a robust BCDR strategy.

  • Frequent backups: Minimizing data loss
    Time is of the essence in the digital realm. The more frequently you back up your data, the less you stand to lose in case of an unfortunate event. Hourly backups for server products help keep the loss minimal, ensuring that your operations can resume swiftly.
  • Enhanced reliability: Ensuring data availability
    Trust is vital when it comes to backups. You need to be certain that your backup data is complete and reliable. Endpoint backup for servers allows for easy and regular validation of backups, instilling confidence that your data is intact and ready to be restored when needed.
  • Cybersecurity resilience: Protecting against ransomware threats
    Ransomware attacks significantly threaten businesses by targeting weak cybersecurity infrastructures. To combat this threat, your backup system must come equipped with robust security measures that protect against such attacks or ensure efficient recovery if they occur.
  • Quick recovery: Minimizing downtime
    Every minute of downtime equates to potential loss. Swift data restoration is imperative to reduce this loss and resume operations promptly. Endpoint backup for servers offers efficient and flexible restoration, ensuring you can return to work as soon as possible.
  • Full data protection: Safeguarding against all threats
    Businesses face various risks, from accidental user errors to deliberate malicious actions and third-party attacks. Endpoint backup for servers offers a protective shield against all these risks, acting as a lifeline in times of adversity.

Does Pulseway offer endpoint backup for servers?

Absolutely! Pulseway’s endpoint backup for servers powered by Unitrends endpoint technology — awarded the G2 prize for the highest small business user adoption in 2023 — delivers resilience in a compact, direct-to-cloud disaster recovery solution without needing an appliance. This portal makes BCDR seamless and streamlines day-to-day operations with the following functionalities:

  • Hourly data backup
  • Efficient backup and recovery
  • Comprehensive recovery options
  • Automated verification and testing
  • Ransomware protection
  • Predictable cost structure
  • Effortless deployment and management

Wondering how it all works? It's simple! Just install our agent on your servers and it'll connect to your own private space in the Unitrends Cloud. From there, like clockwork, it backs up your important data every hour, keeping it safe in the cloud.

What makes our cloud special? It's tailor-made for security, with a feature called Cloud Deletion Defense that shields you from ransomware and even helps recover deleted cloud data.

Additionally, we've got backup redundancy across multiple regions, ensuring your data stays secure. And when you need to get your work up and running in a jiffy, we've got your back with quick virtualization in the Unitrends Cloud. It acts as an extra shield for your server data, ensuring peace of mind.

Interested to know more? Request a demo for hassle-free remote data protection with Unitrends endpoint backup. Get a simple, flat-fee price for this ultimate backup and recovery solution, with no storage fees.

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