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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have installed the mobile application, what's next?
    This Quick Guide will help you set up your account and start monitoring your systems.
  • I forgot my password
    You can reset your password here or use the Pulseway Manager app installed on your computer.
  • How many systems can I monitor?
    You can monitor up to 50 endpoints with the Pro plan by getting a subscription.
    For mid-sized and large IT Departments that require a high level of flexibility and scalability we have designed Pulseway Team that can be hosted inside your organization and will allow you to monitor up to 100,000 systems per server instance.
  • How do I enable and use Pulseway Remote Desktop?
    This guide will teach you how to enable Remote Desktop on your Windows systems and it will show you how to access your Windows systems from the Remote Desktop Client and from the Pulseway Dashboard.
  • How do I mass install the Pulseway agent onto multiple systems?
    You can use Pulseway Network Discovery to discover all your systems and then deploy the Pulseway agent automatically with pre set configurations.
  • How can I remove an old computer that I no longer want to monitor?
    Uninstall Pulseway from that computer - the computer will appear offline.
    In the iOS app simply swipe the computer entry in the computers list and a delete option will become available.
    In the Android / Windows Phone app long press the computer entry in the computers list and you will be prompted to delete the computer.
    As well, you can start the Pulseway Manager on any other monitored computer. In the 'Account' tab click on 'Registered Computers' button then select and remove the computer you no longer want to monitor.
  • I'm sending a command from my mobile but it has no effect
    Make sure your device is authorized to send commands to that computer. Please check the Devices tab in Pulseway Manager to control the list of devices that are authorized to send commands.
  • Can I rename a computer?
    Yes. Start the Pulseway Manager on that computer and go to 'General' tab. On the top there is a text field for the computer name, change the default computer name to the new name you want.
  • How do I assign a computer to a specific group?
    Start the Pulseway Manager on that computer and go to 'General' tab. On the top there is a text field for the group name, change the default group name to the group name you want.
  • I'm getting this error when installing the Windows agent: "Error 1001: The Specified Service Already Exists"
    Event 1001 is caused by an improper installation of the Pulseway agent.
    To proceed with the installation you must stop the Pulseway service and remove the service registration by running the following commands as administrator in a command prompt (the double quotes are required):
    net stop "PC Monitor"
    sc delete "PC Monitor"
  • How do I customize email notifications?
    This blog post will teach you how to change the default email template to include your own company logo and name, and how to add your own custom links.