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Take control of your virtual infrastructure using your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime. Hyper-V server module mobilizes Microsoft Hyper-V management tools allowing the IT department to quickly take action without the need of a computer.

Monitor Replication Health

Pulseway monitors the replication health of all replicating virtual machines and notifies if anything goes out of normal parameters. View real-time replication status with color-coded health indicators.

Easy To Use

Hyper-V management has never been easier; Open the app and get an eagle's eye view on your virtualized environment. One tap on a virtual machine shows real-time metrics such as Health state State and Uptime.

Take Control

Are you in front of your desk and you notice that your virtual workstation is not responding? Send Pause, Reset, Turn Off and Shut Down commands to virtual machines and watch them execute.

Manage Replication

You receive a notification from Pulseway that a virtual machine has failed over to another node, you fix the problem with the faulty node but you need to commit the failover and reverse the replication back to the original node. Pulseway can send replication commands like Initiate Failover, Create Test Replica System, Reverse Replication Direction and Commit/Reverse Replication.

Live View

Watch virtual machine's screen in real-time and stop Bluescreens, inactivity and potential corporate policy breaches all from your smartphone or tablet. Now you can see when backup operations finish and you can remotely shut down the virtual machines without the need of your laptop.
The surprisingly easy way to monitor and control everything IT from any mobile platform. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.