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ESET Remote Administrator

Pulseway gives you mobile monitoring of your ESET Remote Administrator. You can monitor ESET clients, get notified when threats are detected, execute scans and updates.

Unified Management

Connect the ESET Remote Administrator server module with the ERA server and gain access to real-time status for all deployed ESET products.

Threat Alert

Get notified when ESET products identify threats and check the real-time protection status for more information. Easily identify infection patterns as may you receive notifications for more than one system in the network.

Protection Status Monitoring

View protection status text as shown in the ESET products, scan statistics and general system information.

Scan Logs

Read scan logs to find out where threats are located, determine the severity of the infection and evaluate the security risks.

Under Control

Run full system scans on suspicious clients to eliminate the possibility of latent malware and force virus definitions updates to ensure maximum protection at all times.
The surprisingly easy way to monitor and control everything IT from any mobile platform. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.