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Stop ransomware and advanced attacks
with proven #1-ranked protection


  • World’s Most Effective Protection

    Thanks to machine learning perfected since 2008 and the richest set of protection layers, Bitdefender consistently proves the best protection in in trusted independent trials such as Av-Comparatives or AV-Test

  • Free Extra Layers Reduce Risks

    Bitdefender includes free important layers that others lack or charge extra for such as: Risk Analytics, Web Content Control, Device Control, Exploit Defense, Process Inspector, and Network Attack Defense.

  • Automated protection with no slowdowns

    Avoid reactive cleanup with comprehensive hardening and control layers and high-efficacy automatic prevention and detection based on behavior that don’t cause slowdowns for the users.

  • Reduced overhead, simple central MSP console

    Use a simple web console with keyless to protect all workstations and servers across your customer sites. Leverage mass automatic deployment mechanisms and integrations to reduce overhead.


  • Stop Office 365 email phishing and other threats before they reach users

    Despite basic protection and user awareness trainings, 94% of data breaches start with an email

  • Gain unparalleled protection with multiple scanning engines

    Complete technology stack, multiple engines and behavioral technologies for accurate protection

  • Stop CEO Fraud/ Business Email Compromise

    Detects threats that don’t involve malware, such as credential phishing and impostor email.


  • Simple central policies, key management and recovery

    Streamline operations and manage encryption centrally using the same console and agent as the AV

  • Regulatory compliance with encryption reports

    Generate reports to demonstrate devices were encrypted and support compliance with GDPR or US regulations

  • Native encryption for best performance and compatibility

    Avoid slowdowns or software compatibility issues with native BitLocker and FileVault on Windows and Mac


  • Stop advanced ransomware and targeted attacks

    Tunable machine learning in HyperDetect enables increased detection of potential threats

  • Stop fileless or script-based attacks

    Fileless Attack Defense scans instructions or scripts in memory from tools such as PowerShell or Command Prompt

  • Analyze potential threats and gain visibility with cloud sandboxing

    Auto or manual cloud sandbox analysis of suspicious files gives a verdict and all actions taken by a threat