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Active Directory Monitoring Software

Manage Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, anytime. Pulseway seamlessly integrates with Active Directory deployment without the need of any configuration or infrastructure changes.

Active Directory Monitoring Software

Unified Management

Connect Pulseway to a domain controller and get access to the entire Active Directory Forest. New domains get automatically picked up by Pulseway so you can easily expand your directory without having to reconfigure anything.

Fast Navigation

Search for domain users and groups has never been this easy. Avoid the need of navigating through the Organization Unit hierarchy.
Active Directory Monitoring

Manage and Monitor Microsoft Active Directory

User Monitoring

Get real-time user details and status to help you investigate account security. You can also track for users that get locked out by enabling account notifications.

User Administration

Change the status of users to get the user back online without the need of logging into the Active Directory Console. Enable, Disable and Reset Password are a few of the available user commands.
Microsoft Active Directory Monitoring

Microsoft Active Directory Monitoring Platform

User Group Management

Manage user's group membership to add or remove security features. You can either add or remove a user to a group from the User or Group details page.
The surprisingly easy way to monitor and control everything IT from any mobile platform. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.